Newsletter - Heartsare

(1)     to uphold and promote the teachings of The Catholic Church, in particular:
(a) to foster loyalty to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and to the teachings of the Holy Father and Vatican Two;
(b) to foster devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, daily praying of the Holy Rosary and daily consecration to her Immaculate Heart;
(c) to foster love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass including the Traditional Latin Rite (Tridentine) Mass;
(2)     to foster amongst supporters
(a) serious study of Catholic teaching;
(b) prayerful consideration of all aspects of the Catholic Faith;
(c) sharing of information;
(3)    to acquire a character based on docility and humility, personally and jointly, as children of The Woman, (Revelation 12) which will be evident in all that is carried out, as part of Mary's family;
(4)    to act always with unanimity with other real Catholics, in The Church's efforts for The Father's Will on earth as it is in Heaven;
(5)     to engage in various works of charity as opportunity presents itself;
(6)   to promote ecumenism and to engage in ecumenical activities strictly in accordance with Church guidelines. To promote these guidelines, seeking to reverse damage done by false ecumenism;
(7)    to carry out these objectives so that we will better recognise, acknowledge and appreciate The Most-holy Trinity and He, for Whom we were all created - The Saviour of creation, Jesus Christ, - through devotion to and by promotion of, The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


This site is a companion media to the newsletter Heartsare, the full title being

'The Three
Hearts are
The Immaculate Heart;
The Sacred Heart;
The Most Chaste Heart.'

This newsletter is also published in honour of The Immaculate Conception, and consists of selected articles aimed at championing true Catholicism. Articles are selected for their beautiful Catholic input and seeks to bring vital information to readers to help them retain their Faith, amidst the great revolution that has been attacking the very roots and delicate arteries of The Church - i.e. the modernist revolt.
Fortunately, this composite evil is in a state of defeat and we can expect to see its full demise in a short time.
Heartsare also includes current news items selected for their historical and Catholic import.
Local articles are included, as well as
Musings (editorials), and special input called A Word to the Wise and Sage Quotes which consists of bits and pieces of wisdom from our sage.
Heartsare further includes selected locutions reputedly from the Blessed Virgin and have been provided to us by their recipient.
Herein, on this site, selected articles from
Musings, Locutions and A Word to the Wise, will be published and available for download. Downloads may be used by anyone for the purpose of promoting The Immaculate Conception and The Universal Church, providing acknowledgment is given to Heartsare.


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