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Prayer for Priests
Recommend saying during Holy Mass.

In Your divine Goodness and Holiness, O Eternal Father,
I adore You.
Through Your divine Truth and Wisdom, O Eternal Son,
I adore You.
By Your divine Love and Harmony, O Eternal Spirit,
I adore You.

I pray for this Priest,
and all the Priests of this Parish - of this region - of this State.
I beg You, most Holy Trinity,
make them perfect Priests,
According to The Heart of Jesus Christ,
The Eternal Priest.

Give them the Grace of perfect obedience
to our Holy Father, the Pope.
Give them the Grace of perfect devotion
-  to The Immaculate Conception, as champions of Mary
- to the great Patriarch St. Joseph
-  to the glorious Archangel: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael.
Give them the Grace of perfect adoration
of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

For these purposes and for these reasons,
I consecrate them,
all that they are, all that they have, all that they do,
past, present and to come, forever,
into the company of the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls,
especially their Guardian Angels and Patrons given by Heaven;
to you O great Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael,
healer, teacher and defender of Priests,
to you, O wonderful Patriarch Joseph, father of Priests;
to you, O Immaculate Conception, Mother and Queen of Priests;
to You,  Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Man,
The very Source of The Priesthood.


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