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(NOTE: This prayer will probably be controversial.
Yet all creation reflects The Creator in its very existence, vastness, in its precision and limitlessness of movements, colours and variety and in its vast energy and impulse.
And God created mankind in His Own likeness.
It is true then, that it is virtually impossible that The Almighty Creator has not created a creature totally reflecting His Trinity - i.e.
three exquisite persons having one spiritual entity.
The author of this prayer has presumed that such a superb being not only exists but
has to be visible in God's salvation history and therefore must be observable in Scripture and Tradition, and has further presumed that the great envoys of God over the millenniums - Gabriel, Raphael and Michael - must be the three persons of such a magnificent being.
Further, the author has also presumed that there would be only one such being, again in perfect reflection of The Trinity.
Being ready to be corrected by Church teaching in these presumptions, the author considers that this prayer can be most fruitful in the meantime.)

We appeal to you Archangel of God,
Raphael, Gabriel, Michael,
three exquisite, angelic persons comprising one creature - unique in all creation.
You incomparably and perfectly reflect the Triune Godhead.

Oh, wonder of all creation,
the great Pope Leo turned to you in the hour of conflict.
He faced The Church on earth of the twentieth century towards you
so that you might weave your protection about Her,
with the essential assistance
of the Great Patriarch Joseph, Father of Jesus,
Patron of The Universal Church,
co-operating with The Woman of Scripture, Mary.

We acknowledge and appreciate your unequalled greatness
of your protection, your healing, your teaching,
as God's Own envoy
in Salvation history.
We observe you protecting God's holy nation, Israel;
healing and teaching the ancient Patriarchs and Matriarchs;
in the Era of The Eternal-father.
We observe you announcing the coming of The Christ;
protecting the Holy Family
and effecting miraculous cures,
in the Era of The Eternal-son.

O Prince of the Heavenly-host,
by your imperative assistance creation has safely arrived
at The Era of The Eternal-spirit
wherein peace and harmony will prevail
and man will perceive a new heaven and a new earth
and recognise the wonders of God:-
The Immaculate Conception, the Patriarch Joseph,
The Universal Church, and Her Sacraments,
and you, glorious Archangel of God,
as well as the whole Living Creation.

As part The Mystical Body of Jesus The Christ,
we praise and thank you Archangel.
We thank God for you
that you have preserved intact
The Church of Jesus Christ
and His Vicar on earth, the Pope
and his Magisterium,
thereby keeping intact the People of God
as you have done since Adam and Eve.


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