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Deliver us From Evil

The following prayer was designed to be said on the 1st. July, 2007, and thereafter.
On the 1st. July, 2007, at midnight GMT, we were hoping that a great army of Mary's children around the world would join together in saying this prayer, hopefully following Holy Mass and Rosary.
The 1st. July was chosen because, in previous times, that date was set for the great Feast
The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which was lost in the new liturgy of The Universal Church in the latter 20th. Century.
Originally in 1849 Pope Pius IX set the date for this Feast on the first Sunday in July which in 1849 was the first Day of the month - just as it is this year 2007 (in many nations).
"St. Peter says that we have been redeemed
not with perishable things, not with silver and gold, but with the Most Precious Blood of Christ". Page 937 1959 Missal.         Come Holy Spirit.
Well, the 1st. July has come and gone and the world does not appear to be
delivered from evil. Nevertheless, Christian hope and confidence remains.
Accordingly, the prayer has been slightly changed. Text in frame has been removed and replaced by text in this
font colour.
Thanks to all who joined us. Let us continue in prayer for
deliverance from evil.

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