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To St. Joseph

Dear Father Joseph,
Patriarch of Patriarchs of the Old Covenant
the unchallenged Patriarch of the New Covenant,
being Father of The Christ
and husband of Mary, The Immaculate Conception.
Therefore Christ's Vicars have named you
Patron of The Universal Church.

Just as Mary was the fulfilment of The Eternal-father's Era,
The Era of Goodness,
and just as your Son Jesus fulfilled His Own Era,
The Era of Truth,
so it is now your time, the time to bring to reality,
The Era of The Spirit, The Era of Love.

As children of Mary, your spouse, and so your children too,
we raise our hearts to you, dear Joseph.
In calling upon Mary to intercede with The Eternal-spirit
to bring peace and harmony to the world,
we recall that Mary has always relied upon you,
her husband, protector and confidant,
without whom she and her adored Son
could well have perished,
and we therefore beseech you, glorious Patriarch,
and we thank you in anticipation,
to pursue your unparalleled vocation
in the redemption of mankind,
a vocation that has multiplied in its powerful influence
because of the growth of Christ's Mystical Body,
and of the multiplication
of the yearnings for peace in the world,
by everyone of good will;

and, joining with the majestic Archangel,
Raphael, Gabriel and Michael:-
renew your plea to The Eternal-spirit
Who can not resist your prayer
and joining Him in His purpose, ask:
"Please give to creation; give to my children,
the new heaven and the new earth".


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