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in the mercy and Peace of Jesus The Christ,
which He lavishes upon me and upon all mankind;
won for us through His Infinite Merits:
I approach You on the perfect intercession of Mary,
The Immaculate Conception,
and of the loyal Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael,
and especially of the great Patriarch, Joseph,
Your perfect reflection,
and of all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls:
to lay Your blessing upon this property of mine
- above it and below it -
making it a spiritual sanctuary
where all evil is expelled
and where no offence against The Eternal-father is perpetrated;
so that everyone who comes upon this property,
above it or below it,
is protected from every evil
and refrains from every offence against The Almighty.
I further pray that this spiritual sanctuary spreads
beyond this property
to this whole region; to this whole state; to this whole nation;
to the whole world; to the whole of creation
so that the new heaven and the new earth comes to fruition;
and so that Christ's prophecy becomes fulfilled
If I be lifted up, I will draw all things to myself.


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