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Prayer for Seminarians

Eternal-father, we appeal to you
on behalf of all seminarians
of The Universal Church,
particularly  ..

We beseech You to place each in the Heart
of The Immaculate Conception,
Mother and Queen of Seminarians;
under the patronage of
the great Patriarch St. Joseph,
Father of Seminarians;
devoted to the glorious Archangel,
Raphael, Gabriel and Michael,
healer, protector and teacher of Seminarians.

We pray that each Seminarian
will also attain perfectly
the essential Catholic characters
of adoration of Christ in The Holy Eucharist
and total obedience
to His Vicar on earth, the Pope.

By The Spirit of Love, We appeal to You:
make them perfect Priests in imitation
of the Eternal-priest Jesus Christ,
the very Source of the Priesthood


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