A collection of locutions are in the possession of this webmaster.
The person to whom the locutions are given has approved that this site print selections (and which will also be printed in our newslatter
Hearts are).
Additions will be made from time to time.
The locutions are not approved by The Church, nor are they being processed for approval - the locutions continue, which means Church approval can not be had.
The locutions began over three decades ago, so there is a huge amount of material involved.
Certainly the reader should not consider the locutions to be infallible, as they themselves, confirm. Nevertheless, they are made available for the reader's edification. Hopefully, they may assist someone, somewhere in his/her faith.
This webmaster has certainly been assisted by them, as may be witnessed by the content of this site, which reflects to a large degree, these locutions, particularly with regard to the ultra important truth for the world, of The Immaculate Conception of Mary.
May God bless all who read these locutions and may they find absolute consolation in the sanctuary that is Mary's Immaculate Heart.


5-Apr-93 Do I Need To Wait For Great Works And Chivalry? .p. 50.
11-Dec-93. Only One Thing Is Absolutely Yours - Your Choice!  .p. 50.
23-Jun-96 Who Gives His Divinity to You. .p. 50.
6-Mar-97. The Very Caress of Love. .p. 50.
8-Mar-97. Purity and Holiness will Flourish in Men  . p. 51.
9-Mar-97. In the Image of Jesus, The Christ.. p. 51.
All are Redeemed in The Mystical Body. p. 51.
Bask in The Love - Relish The Truth - Welcome Purity.  . go to.
16-Mar-97. Be Conscious of The Peace I give You. go to.
For I Have Already Conquered it.  . go to.
22-Mar-97 What Treasures He has Given Them. go to.
Praise God for Your Gifts. go to.
I Allow No-One To Be Led Astray Because Of Their Devotion To Me!   . go to.
30-Apr-97. Instead Rejoice With Me, In My Triumph For Jesus.   . go to.
5-May-97. Watch, For The Hour Does Come Quickly  . go to.
16-Jul-97. Third, The Era Of The Spirit.   . go to.
You Are At My Side, Facing The Enemy: Saving Souls  . go to.
23-Jul-97. The Souls Of Limbo   . go to.
30-Jul-97. I Reversed The Decision Of Adam And Eve.   . p. 53.
31-Jul-97. Follow The Little, Unknown Way That I Set Out For You.   . p. 53.
We, His Children, ARE His Gift.   . p. 53.
24-Aug-97. I Share My Queenship With All Of God's Children.   . go to.
29-Aug-97. The Children Who Walk By My Side.   . p. 53.
Come, For I Would Raise You To The Heights.   . p. 54.
For I Delivered God Himself To Creation   . p. 54.
5-Sep-97. Their Crosses Become Sources Of Delight   . p. 54.
12-Sep-97 For He 'Sees' Both Of Us Bathed In My Immaculate Conception   . p. 54.
15-Oct-97. The Crosses Of My Little Children On Earth Are Treasures To Me   . go to.
16-Oct-97. For We Would Have All Creation Give Itself To Jesus   . go to.
When You Weep, I Comfort You And I Share Your Grief   .

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