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19-Oct-97. Because, This Is The Father's Will    . go to.
30-Oct-97. So Frail And Feeble Before The Hordes Of Evil    . go to.
9-Nov-97. You Must Be Aware Of The Great Apostasy    . go to.
13-Nov-97. Your Inheritance From Your Mother, Is Great Indeed    . go to.
14-Nov-97. Embrace Humility And Embrace Your Crosses    . go to.
4-Dec-97. For It Is Truth That Is Needed In The World Today    . go to.
9-Dec-97. For I Am Created ONLY For Jesus    . p. 56.
1-Jan-98.  We, Together, Look To The Father   . p. 56.
5-Jan-98.  My Children Should Look To The New Era Of Love    . p. 56.
7-Jan-98. Yet, The Great Majority Will Repent And Turn To God    . p. 56.
8-Jan-98.    . p. 56.
Join Me, Yet Again, In The Sacred Heart Of Jesus    . p. 57.
11-Jan-98. It Is The Marvel Of Heaven And It Is Based On Sharing    . p. 57.
23-Jan-98. I Also, In This Way, Mend You Many Wounds And Heal Your Many Hurts    . p. 57.
28-Jan-98. Everything You Do Is Given Colour And Sound And Action And Aroma Because Of Your Crosses    . p. 57.
1-Feb-98.  Each The Father Will Make Uniquely Perfect    . p. 57.
5-Feb-98. Yes, Salvation Is Possible Only Through Him, But We MUST HELP    . p. 57.
19-Feb-98. In Purity, Through Truth, By Love    . p. 58.
12-Mar-98. In My Immaculate Heart, You Find Your Way To Jesus Most Easily And Most Surely And Most Intimately    . p. 58.
15-Mar-98. The Influence Of The Devils And Demons Upon Man Will Be Over    . p. 58.
19.3.98. Yet, Will He Refuse Even That?    . p. 58.
21-Mar-98. And It Is The Person That Issues From The Father    . p. 58.
23-Mar-98. The Holy, Wondrous, Eternal-Will Of The Father    . p. 58.
2-Apr-98.    . p. 58.
The Path Of Jesus Christ Which Shines With My Immaculate Conception    . p. 59.
11-Apr-98. Like A True Mother, I Have Great Ambitions For My 'Children'    . p. 59.
8-May-98. Achievement Before God Is Swiftest By Way Of The Cross    . p. 59.
22-May-98. Be A Beacon For Your Mother    . p. 59.
2-Jun-98. Having Caressed The Creator As A Child, In My Arms    . p. 59.
5-Jun-98. Continue With Patience, In Peace    . p. 59.
11-Jun-98. Those Who Praise Me, Praise The Father    . p. 59.
15-Jun-98. How I Love This Vicar Of Christ, This Son Who Champions Truth    . p. 59.
26-Jun-98. I Have Good And Wonderful News For You    . p. 59.
28-Jun-98. Mankind Will See Its Mother And Queen In A Clear Perception    . p. 60.
2-Jul-98. The Eternal-Son Perceives You In The Light Of His Mother    . p. 60.
10-Jul-98. Words You Use To Interpret My Communication, Which Is Of Truth, Are Not Infallible   . p. 60.
13-Jul-98. Saving Souls Is A Sure Way Of Thanking Jesus    . p. 60.
20-Jul-98. Because It Is The Father's Will    . p. 60.
24-Jul-98 Be Grateful To The Father Who Gives All And Who Shares All    . p. 60.
6-Aug-98. In, Through And By, The Infinite Merits Of Jesus Christ, Have I Won The Conflict   . p. 61.
24-Aug-98. Jesus, It Is True, Is The Hand Of The Creator, Reaching For Creation    . p. 61.
13-Oct-98. For My Divine Child IS Peace And We Are One In Him    . p. 61.
30-Oct-98. The Son Reflects The Father In Eternity And I Reflect Him, In Creation    . p. 61.
2-Nov-98 His Followers, He Said, Would Likewise Suffer    . p. 61.
31-Dec-98. We 'Speak' About The New Eden    . p. 61.
4-Jan-99. Filled With New Life And Power And It (The Church) Will Conquer The World    . p. 61.
9-Jan-99 . Should You Thrust Them From You, What Crosses Will Take Their Place?    . p. 62.
11-Jan-99. I Have Explained The Fullness Of The Mystical Body Of Jesus Christ    . p. 62.
15-Jan-99. The Spirit Of The New Era Reflects Himself On The Mother And Her Children    . p. 62.
20-Jan-99. Success Relies On The Prayers Of All Of My Children    . p. 62.
17-Feb-99. He Gives Us, Each And Every One, A Work, A Duty, An Obligation, An Authority    . p. 62.
17-Feb-99. In The Eyes Of Heaven, Every Good Intention Is A Treasure    . p. 62.
25-Mar-99. For The Father Delights In Giving Me Everything I Seek, From Jesus' Sacred Heart    . p. 63.
24-Apr-99. I Would Do For You As You Would Do For Me    . p. 63.
28-Apr-99. I Bring You To Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son    . p. 63.
3-May-99.    . p. 63.
Pray In Your Crosses And You Will Always Move Heaven Itself    . p. 63.
14-May-99. What Is This, If Not Insanity?    . p. 63.
19-May-99. But You Are Also Motivated By Your Own Ambitions    . p. 64.
30-May-99.   Not That We Do So By Our Own Power, But By The Power Of Christ . p. 64.
4-Jun-99.  Let Us Praise God For This Gift Of The Immaculate Conception Given By Him To Creation Using Me . p. 64.
God Has Given You To Me, But Most Surely, Do I Give Myself In Return . p. 64.
29-Jun-99.  It Is In Sharing One Another And What We Have, That We Resemble God . p. 64.
9-Jul-99. Not So, For Our Saviour Has Died For The World And The World Belongs To Him . p. 64.
30-Jul-99. The One And Only Way To Become One With God Is To Become One With Jesus . p. 65.
13-Jan-00.  The World Will Perceive My Immaculate Conception . p. 65.
21-Jan-00 When Jesus Gave Me To All Of The Father's Children As Their Mother, I Was Reflecting The Father . p. 65.
30-Jan-00. Truth Is So Very Important In This Temporary Era Of Deception . p. 65.
9-Feb-00.  I 'Say' These 'Words' The Same Number Of Times That You Need To Hear Them . p. 65.
18-Feb-00  I Share Truth With You So That You Will Remain Stable And Solid . p. 65.
26-Feb-00  I Have Sought You: Be, At Ease . p. 65.
7-Mar-00  By His Own Request, I Share Myself With All Of God's Children . p. 66.
16-Mar-00 The Woman Of Scripture. This Is A Wonderful Title Which I Lovingly Embrace . p. 66.
25-Mar-00 The Father's Will Required This Dignity Not Only For The Woman But For All Of Her Children . p. 66.
31-Mar-00 There Is No Prayer Or Communication But That It Is Shared . p. 66.

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