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Musings 2012/262

Then the creature must prove himself by making the right choices.
A simple decision about whether to eat an apple from a tree, or not to, would be sufficient.
However, the greater the weight of the decision, the greater the profit (or loss).

In an environment
of suffering,
of loss of physical, mental
and spiritual capacity,
thwarted by enemies
on all sides,
the creature who
rightfully acquits himself,
must therefore gain
a far greater profit
then he who
rightfully acquits himself
in refusing to eat
of the forbidden fruit.

In suffering, man is thus enabled to acquit himself to the highest potential, as witnessed by Christ Himself.
We are enabled to align our own suffering to and with, His Suffering, and so, to share His divine Nature.

In this, we become
even more aware
that our environment
of suffering
is the supreme,
the ultimate  avenue

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