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Musings 2012/263

Atheism is a modern darkness that has invaded the minds of man. It overshadows the human heart and mind.
Throughout human history, records all reveal that religion of some sort has always dominated the lives of humanity. In fact, there seems to a god for everything, so numerous have been the religions of human-kind down the millenniums.
The true religion has always been around, too, from the time of Adam--that is to say, there has always been a group of men and women who have recognised, acknowledged and appreciated the One God.
All other religions have off-shooted from this one true Faith.
I state this because Adam and Eve were the first humans and even though they disobeyed The Almighty, they still retained the knowledge that He exists, that He requires man to repent and that He will send a Saviour; that He requires that man recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him--as He Himself does for man.
That being the case, then other religions--over the ages; dispersed over the world--emerged from the Faith that Adam and Eve passed on; and, in man's wanderings, Truth became watered down and novelties abounded, fully aided and abetted by the devil.
(Much like the present-day watered-down beliefs that abound, even in The True Church.)
It is clear then, that man has an inbuilt need for a divinity which is not surprising when the alternative is considered:- atheism.
Atheism is an astounding phenomena of human invention which defies the intellect; contradicts all common sense.
It replaces Divinity with the universe!

Because, if there is no God,
then the greatness, the creativeness,
the majesty, the infinity,
the limitlessness of God
are bestowed
upon the universe!!

That of course, makes the universe god--the unacknowledged god of the atheists.

The universe becomes the creator,
the provider of matter,
of laws and of limitations;
the designer which brings forth
the vastness and the magnificence
of the galaxies
and of the basic fabrics of matter.

The universe becomes
that  which has no beginning
and no end
and out of which
comes the stupendous designs
of DNA and the intricate make-up
of atomic structure
and the mechanism,
control and variation, thereof!

Even more surprising is the atheistic attribution to the universe, the fact that, out of basic, primitive matter, comes higher and higher forms of existence--known better as evolution.
If the universe is infinite, how is it that evolution has not already reached its state of perfection? How is it that all parts of the universe appear to be in a state of change?
If the universe is infinite, then how is it that science assures us that it is only  so many billions of years old?
There is of course, the theory that the universe reaches a certain expansion from the initial big-bang, and then implodes upon itself.
Whereupon it contracts to a central point where it ignites and, once again, expands outwards bringing forth another universe.
This repeats and repeats.

Thus the atheist
takes out of the universe
--he removes from man--
his hope for immortality.

Thus the atheist takes away from man his dire, his desperate need, for an intelligent creator who has compassion and who provides assistance.
The atheist leaves man only despair, for the god-universe has no compassion, no understanding, no consideration.
Man is left with a driving force that moves forward like a steam-roller.
So, the god-universe has no Heaven for us but it has no hell, either.
All we have in this life is what we can obtain and attain between conception and death.
The god-universe has no restrictions then, on how we might attain the greatest pleasure, power, wealth and long-life.
There is then no need for the doctrines of religion, certainly none from The Religion of God, The Catholic Church.
No need for Her moralities based on a hereafter; on a personal God.
What does that leave?

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