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Musings 2012/263

Mankind is left with the law of the jungle. Take whatever you can acquire by whatever means you can acquire it, so long as you survive and can get away with it; so long as you can partake in the pleasures of power and self-satisfaction.
Your law is that you survive and those whom you want to, survive, and all others are there for your benefit, for your convenience.
Love your neighbour?
To the atheist the whole meaning of words and statements takes on new meaning.
P 50 15 13 Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends. P
This type of statement by The Christ simply has no meaning for the atheist who perceives such an attitude as insane and he would suggest that this statement should read:-
I am the stronger and the more-important; you shall lay down your life for me.
The real atheist then, has no love in him. His 'love' is attraction and/or need and/or a means to an end.
Really, how can one describe what
love is?
The long and the short of it is that Love is God--God is Love.
The  real Love that a person has inside him then, is the very Love of God; that is God-in-him.
And this can best be expressed and measured by the desire of one that the person he loves gains Eternal-life.
If you love someone, what greater desire can you have for him then that he gains Eternal-life?
This is of course beyond the comprehension of the atheist who refuses to acknowledge God or Eternal-life and instead, takes the universe for his god.
The atheist, perceiving the universe as god, and in observing that he himself is something superior to the universe around him, must subconsciously consider that he is god.
Isn't this the bottom line of Darwinian evolution--that out of base matter, greater and greater things evolve? If so, the end result must be that gods are the final product from this evolution factory.
And so the ridiculous misadventure of the atheist reaches the height of lunacy where, from the basic fabric of the universe, he must believe, evolves gods!!!

We perceive then,
that The Church has got it all wrong
--got is back-to-front, in fact.
God did not create the universe at all.
The universe creates god.

God is incomprehensible.
The atheist most certainly views a God as something incomprehensible and so he refuses to accept Divinity.
The Catholic, on the other hand, also perceives God as incomprehensible.
He would not be God if we could understand What He is and What He has and What He does.
After all, we are
not God.
Because we do not comprehend God, that certainly does not mean that we should not acknowledge His Existence.
There are innumerable things in the universe that man does not comprehend--probably more then what he does comprehend. That does not deter man from accepting proven facts on matters he does not understand.
On the other hand, the more man knows about the universe, the more he finds proof of the Existence of God.
One only has to become familiar with the scientific proofs of
intelligent design, which conclusively shows that there MUST HAVE BEEN an intelligent Designer of the universe. Refer
Check out that wonderful book
Signature of The Cell, by Stephen C. Meyer, which properly proves that it is simply not possible that DNA could have evolved from the basic fabric of the universe, even over the exaggerated time frame of the universe of several billions of years!!!
What a book!
And, as real science advances in knowledge, the scientific idea of intelligent design, becomes more obvious and more acceptable!
The miracles that occur around the world, from day to day, must be a worrisome thing for the atheist!

Christ's Resurrection from the tomb
must be a real torment for him.

The atheist might simply deny it or find alternatives, but if he is genuine he will admit that history shows that Christ did rise from the dead.
He has to accept what history proves, and then provide some natural explanation for The Resurrection.
On the other hand, he, like some, rely on science to find evidence--
sometime in the future--to explain this Phenomenon, telling himself that his atheistic faith is correct and time will prove it!
The miracle of Fatima, Portugal, where some 70,000 people witnessed the incredible movement of the sun--believers, non-believers, anti-believers.
The amazing shroud of Turin, which portrays the impression of Christ's crucified Body in the tomb and the numerous scientific studies made upon it.
The tilma of Guadalupe which astounds science and the world as to how it came about, how it has survived--each scientific investigation, similar to the shroud, brings out new fantastic revelations!
Yet the tilma of Guadalupe is hundreds of years old and its very existence continues to  puzzle the scientific mind!!
The numerous miracles which extrapolate from the Rite of Consecration by the Catholic Priest, where the consecrated Species is scientifically found to be Human!!
Miracles abound from generation to generation and the atheist can only imagine some 'plausible' alternative; he reads articles that explain away the very idea of miracles!
Perhaps, he promises himself, miracles are merely unexplained natural occurrences within the universe which in due course, will be fully explained by some scientific body.

That is to say--again--
the universe is god
and the numerous

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