A Word to the Wise

On Suffering
On reading 'The Wonderful Secret of the Souls in Purgatory', I came upon an astonishing statement, said the old sage.
The Holy Souls in Purgatory? Yes, its existence is a wonderful teaching; gives us great hope.
True. Yet suffering is a subject that is most difficult to understand - even to accept. In purgatory, one can see the value of suffering for it brings about a transformation of the soul enabling it to go to Heaven.
Even in this life, I can understand that suffering can bring forth great good. We only have to look at Christ's Suffering to realise this.
It still remains a difficult thing old sage, to really comprehend. I guess it is another mystery from God that we can not fully understand.
Well, this is what I read in the little book, on page 35:-

is the greatest proof
of God's love
and, if offered well, it can win many souls. !

THAT statement will provide me with much to think about. Definitely.
(The booklet is based on discussions between Sister Emmanuel and Maria Simma the latter being a seer, still living, who has contact with the Souls in Purgatory.)


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