A Word to the Wise

Who Else is There?

There still seems to be plenty of modernists around
, lamented the old sage.
Yes and a pitiful lot they are, too. Men with intelligence and maturity, who are mentally deceived!
Spiritually deception is their lot. Unfortunately.
They lecture with loud and haughty  voices about following their 'conscience' against the Pope and against Catholic Dogma.
It's just so hard to believe they can be so easily led away from Truth.
Their pride and self-aggrandisement blinds them completely. These awful traits also incite them to look upon real-Catholics with great disdain, thinking and accusing us of a pre-Vatican mentality; brain-washed by The Church!!
Yes. It is extremely difficult to talk to them on Catholicism, so entrenched are they in their modernist paralysis.
When speaking with a person caught up with the modernist spirit, it is best to avoid argument or to put questions to them.
What should we do, old sage? Grab them by the throat and shake the false spirit out of them?
That can be tempting, of course, but of no avail. In fact that would confirm them in their thinking that real-Catholics have lost the plot.
No. The best method is to plant a simple truth before them from time to time. Let Truth do the work for you. Let them ponder on your little snippets of truth and the seeds thus planted will one day sprout.
I don't know if I have the patience for that, but I suppose it is up to the us laity to do this?
Who else is there?     W

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