A Word to the Wise

Time and space are inventions of God.
You have done some heavy thinking, old sage?
Yes I have. Because time and space are astonishing creations by The Almighty. Because of time and space we are able to fail one day and repent the next.
What's so amazing about that?
Well consider the Angels whose decision for or against God was a once-only one and applied forever, then compare that with our situation.
We'd be in a bit of trouble if that rule applied to us!35
So, time and space are most astounding things.
And Christ came to us in time and space.
And that too is also remarkable, for even though He came in time and space, His Life and Passion are beyond time and space.
You mean in The Eucharist?
Yes, but more then that. We in the year 2004 relied on the Messiah to save us.
Yes ?
Well, Christ perceived us when He was on earth. He realised that we relied on Him; we, in the third millennium.
But so did everyone before Him and after Him!


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