A Word to the Wise

Support those in error - ridicule those in the right!!!

Last Sunday's sermon seemed to give support to a Priest who made up his own baptismal rite, old sage.
You are surprised?
I suppose not, but then he also seemed to rubbish real-Catholics.
It's a sad state of affairs, old sage.
It is, indeed. This type of deception is typical of post modernists.
You don't seem to be too worried about it all?
I suppose I am weary of it all. Modernism has been put down for the full count, but we still find remnants pushing the lost apostasy.
Yes, some people still cling to it.
A sad, sad form of spiritual blindness.
It certainly is. It is plain and certain that the Priest using a false baptismal rite is in the wrong. Yet the real-Catholics who objected to this, are made out to be in the wrong!
It was the same with the nuns who dabbled in witchcraft and the new age.
So what do you make of it all?
Nothing new really. It is an old ploy. Accuse the good guys of your own evils.
Surely this nonsense can't last, old sage?
I am surprised it has lasted this long.  Its time is up.


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