A Word to the Wise

Psychological Seduction

So you have been studying psychology old sage?
I'm getting William Kirk Filpatrick's point of view on modern psychology. He's an associate professor at Boston College.
He's a real-Catholic?
That is precisely why I am reading his book.
What does he have to say?
Let me point out a few paragraphs to you - I have marked them:-
'It sometimes seems that there is a direct ratio between the increasing number of helpers and the increasing number of those who need help. The more psychologists we have the more mental illness we get; the more social workers and probation officers, the more crime; the more teachers, the more ignorance.'
P. 31.'
That reminds me of government laws making divorce easier followed immediately by the necessity to make special provision for the great increase in family break-up and the massive, life-long traumas and difficulties that result.
Now it is surprising that you say that. Look at the next paragraph I have marked:-
'We find psychologists severing the bonds of family life and then we find them conducting therapy for broken families.'
Hey! Maybe I can be a sage, too?
Hmmm. Well, let's see what you think about this paragraph:-
'God loves us as a mother loves her child.
Perhaps however, it is more accurate to say "as a mother loves her
disobedient child", for love in that sense will want to apply the proper correction. This is the point that some Christians forget. All they see is the similarity:- Christianity says we are of great worth and so does psychology. From there they jump to the conclusion that Christians could profit from listening to psychology's newer insights about self-love.
Usually they end up taking a view toward themselves and toward God that owes more to psychology then to religion. They picture God as an understanding therapist who only wants us to come to love and accept ourselves for what we are.
Rather then accept such a watered-down view of God we would do well to remember T.S. Elliot's image of Christ as 'the wounded surgeon' who performs radical surgery on us because what we need is not a pat on the back but an operation:- very possibly a heart transplant.' (P. 38)
Sounds like post-modernism has got into psychology. What a fearful, deadly thing it is, old sage.
Yes, the deception that modernism is, has reached into the very foundation, the very heart, of each and every institution around the planet - even governments but especially into religions.
And worst of all into The Catholic Church, 'the pillar and foundation of the Truth'.


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