A Word to the Wise

How do you perceive Joseph?.

How do you perceive Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus, Old Sage?
The Church has long encouraged the Faithful to entrust themselves to the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Yet Joseph does not receive the same attention as Mary does?
Nevertheless, Joseph has been declared the Patron of The Universal Church.
All the more reason to give him honour don't you think?
Indeed. If Mary reflects The Eternal-father and Jesus is The Eternal-son, then that powerfully confirms that Joseph reflects The Eternal-spirit.
So then, why does Joseph not receive the honour due to him from the Faithful?
Joseph does receive great devotion from huge numbers of Catholics and others, but I think you have a point. The world needs to honour him much, much more.
You say
the world?
Yes: because if the great Patriarch Joseph, Father of Jesus Christ, reflects The Eternal-spirit then the whole world must recognise his unparalleled greatness before God, so that the Era of The Spirit may be manifested.
Ah! Yes.


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