A Word to the Wise

Archdiocese of Brisbane need Catholic Priests

The news is that our Archbishop intends to bring in Priests from Nigeria, old sage.
Yes. It is an idea that many of us have discussed for many years.
What about this enculturation that these Nigerian Priests will have to go through?
Indeed. Perhaps our Priests should go to Nigeria for 'enculturation'?
Unless enculturation only means getting acclimatised to our language and the geography and customs of the region.
One would certainly hope 'enculturation' does not include indoctrination into the local habits of post-modernist Priests.
You mean ignoring Church liturgical guidelines and underrating The Sacraments and Sacramentals?
In that regard I note that the good Pope states that where 'there is prayer vocations flower'.
Could we then say that 'where vocations do not flower, then there is little prayer'?
There is always prayer. Perhaps it might be that where vocations do not flower, acceptable prayer comes only from a remnant.


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