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Musings 2001/154

The Holy Spirit and Mary
I have experienced the marvels of Cursillo.
It is true that involvement in Cursillo means - almost for a certainty - that one will experience miracles of the spirit! People will change before your very eyes and proclaim or renew or re-establish their Faith in astonishing ways.
For many months, also, I travelled to Brisbane each and every Friday night to attend three-hour Charismatic services. Again I experienced the astonishing marvels that comes with miracles of the spirit - and the three-hour sessions seemed to pass in seconds!
Indeed, miracles of the body can also happen, although I can not witness to any of these. However, I have since become convinced that miracles that change the spirit of a person are greater, or at least the equal of, miracles of the flesh. Quite often it is a simple thing to convince someone to do something or to co-operate in something, but to change a person's beliefs or unbeliefs is quite another thing.
During that same period when I was travelling to Brisbane, I also 'discovered' Father Gobbi and his Blue-book! I discovered, or re-discovered, Mary my Mother and Queen.
Now, it is a strange thing that both Cursillo and Charasmatic do not come in intimate contact with this Woman of Scripture! In fact, they do not come in even close contact! Mind you, I write of experiences of 13 years ago and more.
This seeming exclusion of Mary was a fact that worried me greatly.
A friend of mine, to illustrate the point, said that when we attend a Charasmatic service we should refrain from bringing Mary into the menu of events!! This, I then understood, was so as not to offend any Protestants that might be in attendance.
The very next time I attended the Charasmatic service, while presenting myself before three selected proponents of the movement for their blessing, as was the norm - one a Priest (and a wonderful Priest, too, I might say) - I was asked the usual question
What would you have us pray for? and my reply, in a strong voice, was:- Increase my devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Now, there was a definite silence at that. But, I must say that the three of them, upon laying their hands on me, prayed for me and prayed in particular that my devotion to Mary would increase. Certainly, they felt ill at ease before doing so, but that is what they did, and they did it very well. Perhaps, dare I hope? their devotion to Mary also increased.
Thank-you, my friends.
No one receives The Holy Spirit without Mary
Now, the point I am of course leading up to is this:- no-one - that is to say NO-ONE - is able to fully reach out for The Holy Spirit and deliberately ignore His Spouse, Mary, at the same time!
I have no doubts whatsoever, that the Cursillo and Charasmatic movements are genuine and Catholic in their very reason for being. But, in the full term of their mission, if they leave out The Woman of Scripture, whether deliberately or accidentally, they will fail.
Because they are genuine I feel that their Movements will embrace, more and more, The Mother of The Lord Jesus.
Is it possible, in the fullness of time, to ignore

P the woman clothed with the sun,
with the moon under her feet
and a crown of twelve stars about her head? P

Is it possible to ignore the woman whose children we are, that is, all who claim to be Christian that ARE her children, as Apocalypse testifies -  and these children are the men who keep God's commandments and hold fast to the truth concerning Jesus.  (Refer Apocalypse 12.) Are her children to succeed before her Son and Saviour while ignoring and even dismissing their own Mother?
I state quite plainly, for it is a Truth of Catholicism, of God's Plan of Salvation, that it is not possible to obtain Christian unity while
The Woman of Scripture is set aside.
Scripture and Mary
How is it possible to subscribe to Scripture and expound Scripture as God's Word - as the be-all and end-all of salvation - when we do not call Mary blessed.

All generations shall call me blessed. Luke 1:48.

If anyone thinks to call Mary blessed and then ignores her completely or even partly, and claims complete access to The Holy Spirit, he fools himself.
Certainly no real Catholic may dismiss The Mother of The Lord in his endeavours to gain his throne in Heaven, for The Church proclaims loud and long, that Mary is

The Mediatrix of All Graces.

All Graces of God come by the power of The Holy Spirit!
But behold, Mary is The Mediatrix of All Graces even while all Graces come upon mankind by The Holy Spirit!
Who then,

dares to separate The Spirit
from The Mediatrix?

P No sooner had Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting
then the child leaped in her womb;
and Elizabeth was filled with The Holy Spirit.
The whole of Scripture, while words might seem to be few and far apart, speaks of The Woman.
It was by His Cross that Jesus brought salvation to all creation - by His Cross - and from His Cross He announces to every child of every generation that Mary is The Mother of each one:-

Woman, this is thy son.
This is thy Mother. John 19:26.

No one, then, can ever realistically claim that he will find Salvation without The Woman. NO-ONE.
Yes indeed Jesus Christ is Lord and He IS Salvation and it is He for Whom creation was brought forth, BUT it is ONLY through Mary that He retrieved everything that was lost - and EVERYTHING was lost.
As Mother Teresa said No Mary, no Jesus.
This is the exquisite way that God The Father planned His universe. He ensured that the entire universe relied on His most delightful creation, His perfect reflection, His greatest gift to His Son - The Immaculate Conception.

P she, the glow that radiates
from eternal light;
she, the untarnished mirror
of God's majesty;

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