A Word to the Wise

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How do you perceive modern man, Old Sage?
Modern man? Every man, woman and child is under siege. He/she is being deluded and deceived at every moment of the day.
No-one escapes the total, evil attack by the father-of-lies who leads, cajoles, black-mails, forces and/or bribes, every person on the planet, even as he clouds his/her judgment.
That is frightening, Old Sage.
And so it should be, for man's immortality is at stake. His very heart and soul are up for grabs and we have an absolutely ruthless enemy who abides by no rules.
How must we fight this enemy then?
There are three great weapons that can conquer the devil and his great and evil army:- goodness, truth and love. And in this perilous time of wide-spread deception, the most important weapon is truth.
Couldn't agree with you more.


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