> 5-Apr-93 Do I Need To Wait For Great Works And Chivalry?    "My little son - my little servant - my little espoused. I embrace you.
Should not espoused embrace? I do love you, so. You are my little one - the little one that I shape and mould. I perfect you into the Image of Jesus, the Christ, my Son, your Brother; in a special way, your Son! Be at Peace.
You are the (MY NAME) of today and you are still the (MY NAME) of yesterday, except that we, you and I, are coming closer and closer to Jesus, in the Merits of Jesus.
It is you and I for I have come
to you and I take you to Jesus. And your past offences will finally be wiped out and your life made one of all-joy.
It is your whole life that makes you  (MY NAME), from the very moment of your conception! And all the days of your life on earth will add together to make up you, my espoused. And, when our God forgets your sins and wipes them completely away, your days will all shine in Heaven. I tell you this, son, to fill your day and to bring you closer to Jesus. Thus I can love you today and yesterday. Thus, I can accept your consecrations of all you do; all you have; all you are; in the past, now, and in the future. I do so accept your consecrations and I accept with great love - great Love of God; great Love for you, my little one, my champion.
Champion? Yes. This you are. Your whole being gives impulse to championing me.
Do I need to wait for great works and chivalry? No, not at all. I see you and I know what your mind, your heart, your soul, your very person offers to me! And, indeed, you have championed me - in your school kids, your family, your Church, your friends. You are a walking supporter of mine, for all to see, if not immediately, then in due course. I wished to tell you these things."
> 11-Dec-93. Only One Thing Is Absolutely Yours - Your Choice!    'I have many children, little son, in every part of the world. They speak every language; involved in every trade and commerce. My children carry our specific tasks which are required to fulfil the Triumph of Jesus, in this era.
all of my children. Who are those who are not my children? You do not know, little one. If you do not know, then how can you say this or that one is wrong?
If you are sure and have reasonable reason for this, then you should avoid support of someone or some organisation claiming to speak on my behalf. However, avoid
ridicule. You may only state simply and clearly, your position. Avoid adding your own bias. However, the ideal is to support unified action for God, in Marian movements. Divided and antagonistic 'movements' mean one thing: one is off the true way. This is not to say that, tomorrow, it may return to the Way of Jesus - who is to say? Be cautious then, of any denigrating remarks and use your knowledge only when you see a situation which demands a short explanation (no situation demands an energetic disagreement) and this explanation will suffice, either then, or at a later date. I work in many ways - in public, in hiddenness, in great and in small ways, in all professions. The hidden way is the best way for this era, for my Triumph is not ready for public acknowledgment - much is yet to be done to save all of God's chosen ones. The hidden way will become known to all creation, every soul, in due time; but for now, I have apostles everywhere, working for Jesus in any number of ways - some you are aware of, some not. It is not for you to decide, but only to voice a peaceful note as you feel consciously called to do. If a word can not be said with peace in your heart, do not say it. I did not say 'to speak a peaceful word', but 'with peace in your heart'. The era we live in, you and I, is one where deceit is paramount - deceit is the everyday function of all reporting. Thus it is easily possible for a fine organisation, for the Mother, to be fed biased or untrue information, and who can thoroughly check out every word?
Humanity is
normally prone to error and in this era, that likelihood is multiplied. A mistake, then, is not to say the whole movement is off-side, for just a single word, misused, can change the whole meaning of a sentence.
I will teach you everything that you are
able  to absorb, and even more, for future use, but how much more will there be, beyond your capacity? It is you who quoted a good author 'the more you perceive about God, the more you perceive you do not know'!
Father Gobbi points to an even-keel attitude for my children. By me, he gives balance and harmony to the Marian Movement, but a direct method of defence and attack in this conflict of good and evil, by way of prayer, hiddenness and the virtues. I advocate, through this so grandly beloved Priest, obedience and gratitude and swift and permanent lodgment in my Immaculate Heart. Father Gobbi is as St. Vincent Ferrer is: a swift messenger for God, spanning the world; the eagle of the Apocalypse.
He is a
sign for the world. He is a general on earth, of the White Army of the Woman Clothed in the Sun, and Heaven has 'eyes' for him and all that he does. His actions, travels, words and thoughts are 'heard' clearly, 'seen' fully and noted for eternity in Heaven.
His voyages are traced out in a Heavenly map, by the Angels and Saints. It is true, then, that, as well as
all the approved apparitions, the Blue Book of Father Gobbi, is a sure guide with sure parameters, for other alleged Heavenly communications. 
But also, the simple faith remains the better faith, with the dominant role of obedience to The Church on any pronunciation. So, it is with respect, that I view your own wariness on these writings, and that you constantly remain alert for something that might jar the truth and the teachings of The Church.
Do you think this Grace is of yourself? My dear little child, this is a Gift from The Father and is an act of co-operation with me, by Him, and in your acceptance, by you. My child, truly you are made of nothing and all you have
is given to you. Only one thing is absolutely yours - your choice!
Do not be deflated that this constant vigilance of yours is a Gift from The Father! Truly, my son, you are a very tiny servant of The Father, with a special simplicity and approach that He delights in - thus, He gives you Gifts. Allow yourself, yet, to grow tinier, for The Father's desire is to answer your prayer to obtain the utmost capacity, and beyond and beyond. To do so, be aware that only God is Good and that any goodness in you, then,
must be from God!
Yes, son, it is your glory to
choose to accept His Gifts, but it is God's generosity  in  Love that you have Grace ; and not your own effort or desert! Truly, son, man is so puny and even the little he was, was forfeited by sin! Yet God proposed that man should share His Divinity and even then, in the face of this incredible Gift, man  still turned away and followed the camel and his lies and abominations! You are of man! You  are of humanity destined by sin, to exclusion from Heaven; except for Jesus Christ!
I ask you, what are
you? What have you done? What do you possess? Of yourself? The answer you need is a word beginning with 'n' with an 'o' and a 'th' and an 'ing' at the end. Child, the glory and the high destiny of man comes from The Father, in that you and I, are His issue - this is our greatness, our immortality. This is the Gift of Life, if we so choose, and all that we do on earth, is a means to an end; a test and a trial; a striving; a transaction whereby we exchange our choice for eternal Life with God, while retaining our identity and our prize!
Receive with gratitude. Receive with grace and humility. Receive with love and simplicity. Receive with docility and peace. Receive with me, the Grace of God, for I, too, have been given everything. Do you not see, child, that The Blessed Trinity is capable of giving, only.
How can The Creator receive anything, when He
has everything; is  everything good? It is by a miracle, that He chooses to receive our choice for Him! We, creatures, in our basic make-up, are capable, only, of receiving, for we come from nothing. Receive with joy and delight, for God delights in giving and He delights in our delight, in receiving. The Creator is The Giver. The creature is the receiver.
And, son, you see? Do we not all gain by this?
It is delight that I embrace you and it is delight that you share this, for while God is The Giver, we may, and must, share what He gives! Thus, even though we are receivers, God gives us the privilege of giving (that is, sharing) what He gives, to others.
Such is the privilege and glory of being an instrument of God!!! Delight in Him. Be saturated with delight in The Father, The Son, The Spirit - what have They not given you? I am a Gift to you. You are a gift to me. I share Grace with you and we share Grace with my children.
Out of our nothingness God raises us - let us rejoice in our nothingness, for it allows space for God!"

> 23-Jun-96 Who Gives His Divinity to You. "Child - beloved - 0 my favourite son! Do I not love you so fervently? Do I not yearn to see your person finally redeemed? Do I not yearn for The Father's Will, in every detail, for you? And that you totally co-operate with His Will?
Who can measure The Will of The Father? There is only Goodness in His Will!
There is only Truth and Love in His Will! There is only Eternal-delight in His Will! Let us adore The Will of The Father
... The Truth of The Son
... The Love of The Spirit.
Yes, little son, little Straw-of-God, let us seek out obedience, humility, docility, perseverance and
... Peace.
I bring you Peace. I bring you Harmony. I bring you, me. Yes, I give myself to you! Is this so incredible? Why? Hasn't Jesus, my adored Son, my God, given Himself to you and I, I am His little handmaid!? I am she whom He
gave to you
... from the Cross.
If He gave me to you then, be most assured, that I give myself to you! Yes, I give myself to you, little son. I do not hold back. I give my Immaculate Conception to you - I give my Motherhood and my Woman-hood to you - I give my Queenship to you
... everything.
And, in this, I only imitate my adored Son, Who gives His Divinity to you!! Yes, what I give to you is so tiny as to what Jesus gives to you, for not only does He give Himself but He
... gives me to you
... and in so doing, He gives you The Father and The Spirit
... and thus, He empties Himself on The Cross
... for you: and for all of my children."
> 6-Mar-97. The Very Caress of Love. 'Dearest, tiny, son of mine ...

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