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... truly, do I love you. Yes, child of God, my arms reach out for you, so to speak; my Heart yearns for you! You are in my Heart, yet, in your state on earth, you are unable to reach your perfection in
... the recognition of God
... the acknowledgment of God
... the appreciation of God.
I long for, you might say, the time when I witness and share in, the astonishment you will have when The Father embraces you, as you are filled with The Spirit of Love and Harmony ...
... in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
It is a particular delight to me and to all The Angels and Saints, to witness and to share in, the entrance to Heaven, of each and every one of my children ...
... yes, indeed, especially of my child
... the little Straw of God
... the little Radiator of Peace.
Again I say, son of mine, be, in Peace. Live, in Peace. Radiate The Peace of Jesus; That
is Jesus. I fill you with my Immaculate Conception, son
... so that you will do perfectly
... The Will of The Father.
I caress you with the very Caress of Love!'
> 8-Mar-97. Purity and Holiness will Flourish in Men 'Child - little one - tiny son of mine. Let us, together, adore our God ...
... The Father from Whom we issue
... The Son, my adored Son, The Saviour of
all creation
... The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
Let us,
together, be One, in Jesus, and let us, together, prepare for the new era ...
... the new era of The Spirit
... the new era of Love and Harmony
... the final era, which builds up to
... The Second Coming.
The new era then, is the era of The Spirit, Who will perfect creation for The Son ...
... through The Son
... in The Father.
In the new era ...
... Purity and Holiness will flourish in men
... Truth will be known or perceived or available by and to, all men
... Love and Harmony will abound.
Yet, in this era, when man will reach his heights of perfection, everywhere, there will be those who do not open themselves to The Gifts of God ...
... to The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ
... to my Immaculate Conception.
These, being men of the new era and partaking of the perfected genius of man, will, in their power and glory, rebel ...
... they will not serve
... even though their awareness of The Gifts of God are available to them.
Although the camel will no longer be involved in the situation of man, a new generation of man will arise and will embrace evil - a new evil - an evil not based on ignorance or weakness, but a determined and a most aware evil - a new peril which The Second Coming will destroy.'
> 9-Mar-97. In the Image of Jesus, The Christ. 'Son and beloved. Be, in Peace. Be my tiny radiator of Peace. Yes, you are tiny, but you have been given great capacity - much can be done in a small area. Yes, you are very tiny, but because there is little of self and of pride in you, then God is able to work so much better, in and through you. When you give yourself to Jesus, to His Mystical Body, The Church, you become small in the eyes of the world, and great, in The Eyes of God. When you give up your personal will to The Will of The Father, nothing is impossible to you! When you open yourself up to The Spirit of Love and Harmony, you are a miracle worker ...
... in the image of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Yes, you are tiny, but your tininess makes available much towards God's Work and brings you to perfection as ...
... my Radiator of Peace.
I cover you with my Immaculate Conception and I give you my very self. I gave my image at Guadalupe to the world through my son, Juan, and I give
you my very self, for I am giving my self to the world, through all of my children ...
... particularly through you
... my tiny Straw-of-God.'
> 14-Mar-97 All are Redeemed in The Mystical Body. 'Son and beloved. Beloved son and beloved person. You are so much to me - you, little Straw of The Father, mean so very much to me. Would I mean so much to you, and you not mean the same to me? Could it be that you look to your Mother and The Mother doesn't look back? No, little Radiator-of-Peace, I look to you for help - much help. I look to you for consolation - much consolation. I look to you for obedience and co-operation; for care; for action; for prayer ...
... for your thoughts
... for your every impulse
... how I need you, son and beloved; my tiny warrior; my friend.
Yes. God has given your Mother so much and all I share with you, particularly my Immaculate Conception; but yet I can not attain the fullness of my Triumph for Jesus ...
... without you
... without all of my children!
No, God would have it that His children, all of them, co-operate in their own redemption and in the redemption of all His children (of one another). All are redeemed in The Mystical Body, The Church; in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, yet each and every one must use his freewill to decide
for God - to choose God ...
... in choosing God they choose redemption
... they act
for God
... they obey God
... they become God-like
... their attain eternal delight
... they give eternal delight to Jesus
... for Whom we are all created.' 
> 15-Mar-97. Bask in The Love - Relish The Truth - Welcome Purity. 'Son - my son so dear. Be at ease with the endearments I give to you. May I not 'tell' you how I love you? Should I keep quiet that you are so dear and so close to me? So precious to me and how I need you so? My Heart welcomes you! My arms are blest to embrace you, my little Straw.
My Triumph for Jesus needs you. My blessings pour out upon you.
My Immaculate Conception covers you and fills you. Be, always in Peace. Radiate Peace. In my embrace, radiate Peace everywhere to every one. I do so love you.
Let us together, bask in The Love and The Harmony of God: His Spirit.
Let us together, relish The Truth and Wisdom of God: His Son.
Let us together, welcome Purity and Holiness of God: The Father.'
> 16-Mar-97. Be Conscious of The Peace I give You. 'Son and child - be, in Peace. Be conscious of The Peace I give to you - a Gift from my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ. Be at ease with this and allow Peace to reflect from you everywhere. Be not concerned - but be conscious of this - The Will of The Father. Persevere, little one.
The minute impulses you give to God's creation will develop, by The Grace of God, into gigantic effects, felt everywhere - like a tiny seed that grows into a huge tree. Yes, for I share with you my Immaculate Conception - everything that I have and do and all that I am. Be, in Peace.'
> 20-Mar-97. For I Have Already Conquered it. 'Son - beloved - my tiny warrior -
... you walk amidst many dangers

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