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... but fear not
... for I am beside you
... and nothing or no-one can go against me
... or hurt my children's souls!
Your Guardian Angel walks beside you. All Heaven accompanies you as you make your way to Jesus, forever. Already, you have found the centre of The Sacred Heart, for you have depthed my Immaculate Heart and you glow with my Immaculatre Conception. Do not worry about the dangers, but walk carefully, hand in hand, with your Mother. You must acknowledge the evil in this world and you must point it out, where this is called for, but do not be discouraged because of it ...
... for I have already conquered it
... for we, my children and I, have already conquered it.
Son, walk in The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son and radiate this Peace. Walk in Love and Purity. Walk in Harmony ...
... to the new era
... The Era of The Spirit.
I will be giving you warnings and advice as this era draws near and it
is near.'
> 22-Mar-97 What Treasures He has Given Them. 'Child and beloved. O, the wonders of God and His creation! He shares His Beauty, His Wisdom and His Harmony with everything He creates. How wonderful has He created my little children - how beautiful they are - how delightful they are! What treasures He has to give them - to share with them! How much He has already shared - but O how wondrous is that yet to be shared! How He lavishes His Gifts upon you, little son! Open your heart and soul - your whole being, for His Gifts are descending upon you in great plenitude.
He showers upon you my own Immaculate Conception, through me! Be, in Peace. Be, in Harmony. Be, my Radiator of Peace ...
... and of Harmony.'
> 26-Mar-97. Praise God for Your Gifts. 'Son, so dear. Judge not your position, for you do not comprehend what God does in you, and through you, and for you ...
... for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
It is my privilege to be able to be the instrument by which The Father gives you to The Son, by The Spirit of Love and Harmony. No, son, you do not judge souls, even when you judge actions and results - these you must always judge, for your soul's sake and for God's sake, for He would save other souls, too. Persevere, in Peace. Praise God for your gifts. How pleased is The Father, when you cry out your appreciation for His gifts to creation and to you ...
... especially in the midst of your little crosses.
So too, do you please your Mother and all of your Friends, for then you become, more and more, One in Jesus. I shower you with my Immaculate Conception so that you become a perfect radiator of Peace.'
> 23-Apr-97. I Allow No-One To Be Led Astray Because Of Their Devotion To Me! 'Little one - beloved son - my tiny warrior - little Straw-of-God. Be, in Peace. Be at ease; I am The Immaculate Conception. It is true that no person in the spiritual sphere may take my name: The Immaculate Conception. In the world of demons; of devils, none are ABLE to do so - in The Kingdom of God, no one lacks the Grace to ensure that this honour, given by The Father, remains only upon the one to whom He gave it, and upon those upon whom I lay a share ...
... for the love and the gratitude and the glory of God
... for Jesus' sake
... for Whom, only, was I created.
Indeed, then, you are able to perceive that it IS your Mother and Queen, and only she, who may use this title. You know then, that it is truly The Mother of Jesus, The Christ, the adored One, who 'speaks' to you.
I allow no-one to be led astray because of their devotion to me!
No one.
Devotion to me, in Jesus Christ, is impossible to have a limit, for devotion to me is gauged by The Love we share, the Mother and her children,
and this Love is God, Himself.
Thus the greater Love we share, the greater we honour God and the more perfect we become in Jesus - through Jesus - for Jesus. Be assured, little son, that God does not neglect those who praise Him for His Works; who recognise, acknowledge and appreciate His Works ...
... particularly His greatest Work.
I am His greatest Work; His perfect reflection in creation, for I was conceived immaculate and I became The Mother of The Son of God.
The Son issues from The Father, in eternity and issues from The Mother, in creation.'
> 30-Apr-97. Instead Rejoice With Me, In My Triumph For Jesus.  'Child - so little, is my child. So sad is my tiny child - so heart broken, in recalling his past; even the good times! Why? It is the passing of time - it is the good times that are now out of reach: the friends - the places - the times - the events.
Yet, this is not so, forever. No, my sweet little bundle of sadness, all these fine times will NEVER be lost. Not one second; for your being is not only what you are NOW and what you have NOW and what you do, NOW.
Your whole being is what you are, what you have and what you do, at EVERY moment of your existence; from the moment of conception onwards! In Heaven the fullness of your whole being becomes a reality and this fullness consists of every moment of goodness that has come your way and that has reflected from you, from conception onwards.
Yes, in time, things happen and then it is another day. The yesterdays are gone, in time, but are forever in Heaven. So do I lay upon you my Immaculate Conception yesterday and today so that your whole being becomes one with your Mother; and therefore, you issue from me as well as from The Father, becoming every more perfectly One in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
I call you to Peace, then; to reflect The Peace of Christ everywhere; to be His radiator of Peace. Be not sad, my tiny son. Instead rejoice with me, in my Triumph for Jesus.
Instead let us, together, worship The Redeemer of creation, Jesus.
Instead, let us thank Him for His Spirit of Love and Harmony Who, right now, spreads Himself across the earth opening up the New Era of Love.
Instead, let us be spirited in our delight for The Will of The Father. Come child of mine, pray The Rosary ...
... and rejoice.'
> 5 5 97. Watch, For The Hour Does Come Quickly   'Son, so very, very dear to me. Persevere in patience and in Peace. Wait and your reward is great. Be, in Peace. Watch, for the hour does come quickly ...
... very quickly.
The world, in every way, is at the point of bursting; of exploding; of reaching a peak ...
... for the science of man has failed him
... for the disobedience of man draws sentence
... for the lack of Love draws hatred
... for the lack of Truth draws lies
... for the lack of Purity draws abomination.
But my children hold firm and secure and reflect The Virtues of God: Purity, Truth and Love ...
... they reflect The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son 
... they reflect my Immaculate Conception.
Watch and wait, little son and heir, my beloved.'
> 16-Jul-97. Third, The Era Of The Spirit.   'Son and beloved. Beloved and betrothed. Are we not betrothed? Yes, indeed, for we are promised to each other - in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... for you and I, together in God, are raising many little ones for Jesus
... for we share each other and each other's intimacies.
Do we not? How dearly do I love you; do I thank God for you! With you, I achieve my Immaculate Triumph for Jesus. With you, my Work is completed almost to its end, in this era of Truth.
Yes, we are in the Era of Truth; the Era of Jesus, The Christ.
The first era was the Era of Purity of which your Mother came forth; out of which I became The Immaculate Conception.
And now, it is time; the new era is upon us: the Era of The Holy Spirit ...
... The Era of Love.
First, the Era of The Father. Second, the Era of The Son. Third, the Era of The Spirit.

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