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And then, the fulfilment of The Father's Will!
O what glory - to fulfil The Father's Will!
Thank you, little one, for your MOST VALUED assistance in ...
... fulfilling The Father's Will.
BE, IN Peace.'
> 19-Jul-97. You Are At My Side, Facing The Enemy: Saving Souls   'Son - be, in Peace. Be at my side, for I need you there.
I need you at my side and if you talk to me, then that is OK. If you are silent, that is OK. If you listen to me or are doing something else, that is OK. Be at your Mother's side, my little one, sharing in her Immaculate Conception and in every other Gift she has ...
... for I share everything with you.
Where should a warrior be, but at the side of his Queen? Where should a friend be, but at the side of his friend? I am at your side, child and I watch over you for Jesus, for this is The Father's Will ...
... it is my will
... and together, we will help with the harvest.
Be, at my side for I need your help. If you are working, walking along, praying, driving, etc., that is OK, but do not leave the side of your Mother ...
... for you need your Mother as she needs you.
Be, at ease. Do what you would do, bearing in mind ALL that you do, is prayer, and consecrated to my Immaculate Heart ...
... for your own salvation
... and the salvation of many, many souls.
Be conscious of this, little one: you are at my side, facing the enemy: saving souls ...
... for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.'
> 23-Jul-97. The Souls Of Limbo  'Son, so beloved by Heaven; by all Heaven and all Purgatory and Limbo. Yes indeed, Limbo exists and there rests my many babies and innocents, who can be transferred to Heaven only by the prayer of The Church on earth.
The souls of Limbo do not eventually go to Heaven once any transgression is balanced out. No, these beloved souls go to Heaven only on the wings of the prayers of my children on earth. You see then, how much I love you; you who continually offer up prayers for the souls of Limbo ...
... through the hands of your heavenly Mother
... in, through and by The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son;
... by The Love and Harmony of The Spirit of God
... to The Father.
How many millions (yes, millions) of souls from Limbo are now in Heaven due to your prayers and those of other children of mine!!! It is you who particularly pray for them, of all of my children and so I lavish my Gifts upon you ...
... especially my Immaculate Conception.'
> 30-Jul-97. I Reversed The Decision Of Adam And Eve.    'Son and beloved. I am indeed, The Immaculate Conception and this means that I am ...
... the perfect Reflection of The Father in creation
... for He IS Purity
... and His little handmaid was given and retained purity.
In this immaculateness given me by The Father - for Jesus my adored Son - I represented creation. In a similar was did Adam and Eve represent creation in their original sinlessness and in their prior perfection of being. In my immaculateness and in my representative capacity, I reversed the decision of Adam and Eve.
In Eve's decision to eat the forbidden fruit, Adam was encouraged to do likewise. I, in my obedience and faithfulness, was given Jesus, the new Adam and led Him towards The Father's Will, as He gained maturity. I, the new Eve and Jesus, the new Adam, brought about complete reconciliation with God, for all creation.
Thus am I called Co-redemptrix.'
> 31-Jul-97. Follow The Little, Unknown Way That I Set Out For You.   'Son - be at ease in my embrace. Be, in Peace. Never become agitated or worried or down-hearted. Follow the little, unknown way that I set out for you ...
... and what could worry you?
Really, I am your beloved and I desire nothing but the BEST for you. The Father would raise you to His very side! And I would, too. Yes. Be, in Peace. Be my little radiator of Peace ...
... and reflect my Immaculate Conception
... everywhere.
I bless you, tiny Straw-of-The-Father, in the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.'
> 3-Aug-97. We, His Children, ARE His Gift.    'Son of mine.
Indeed, The Love you have for me and that I have for you, is God Himself ...
... God in us
... The Spirit in us.
God shares His Love with His Children. God shares Himself with His Children. For this very reason did He create us, for if The Father's Gift to The Son is to be perfect, The Gift must actually share The Godhead.
We, His Children, ARE His Gift.
All creation is His Gift to The Son. By The Spirit of Love and Harmony does The Father give His Gift to The Son. It is in the freedom given us, the free-will given us, that we are able to obtain a share in His Divinity. Thus does He share His very freedom with His Children. He shares His very Holiness and Purity with creation and He does so perfectly, in my Immaculate Conception which I share with all creation ...
... in this time, my son, do I especially shine it upon you.
What I share with you, is Truth, The very Truth of God Who shares this Truth through Jesus The Christ, my adored Son. In due course, all of my children will come to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate perfectly, in accordance with the capacity of each, The Divinity of The Father's Holiness; the Divinity of The Son's Truth and The Divinity of The Spirit's Love ...
... in and through and by and FOR Jesus, The Eternal Son.'
> 24-Aug-97. I Share My Queenship With All Of God's Children.    'Son - I am your Mother. I am your Queen. I am Queen - God's Queen - and this title is, as you have perceived, my greatest, because it is my title in Heaven and is the TOTAL of my titles. My Queenship is the total of my titles - of my Immaculate Conception and of my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son; two of my greatest titles.
My Queenship is the total title under which is included Mediatrix, Co-redemptrix, Advocate, Woman clothed with the son, Woman of Scripture and so on. Whereas my titles are pertinent to the eras before Christ's Second Coming, after His Coming they are no longer necessary except as reminders of God's wondrous Will.
However, my title as Queen remains forever ...
... the title: Queen of Heaven.
I am, by The Father's Will: Queen of Paradise. In my Queenship I join my children, especially you, little one, at this period on earth. Yes, I share my Queenship with all of God's Children just as Jesus shares His Divinity. I thank you, tiny warrior, for your love and devotion to me ...
... as Queen of Heaven
... as Queen of creation.'
> 29-Aug-97. The Children Who Walk By My Side.    'Son - beloved. Peace is the key-word. Peace is the key. Be, in Peace.
BE Peace. Be my Radiator-of-Peace.
Think Peace - The Peace of Jesus Christ, my adored Son.
Live Peace.
Be conscious, always, of Peace. I am The Queen of Peace. This Peace, this Jesus, is about to become Divine Harmony; The Spirit of Love. The new era of Divine Harmony - of The Spirit of Love. 'My Peace I give to you,' says my adored Son. This Peace is found in my especial children; The Children of The Rosary. Yes, I have many, many children, some yet to find their Mother; others do not even know they have a Mother - but my especial children - the children who walk by my side; the children who are given the Grace to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate The Holy Trinity and The Lamb; the children who assist their Queen in her Victory for Jesus ...
... these are The Children of The Rosary.
These children stand before The Lamb and The Lamb sees them and delights in them, because it is through them that The Lamb saves

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