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many, many souls. You, little son, are especial amongst these especial children of The Rosary and to that end I give you true humility and my Immaculate Conception.'
> 30-Aug-97. Come, For I Would Raise You To The Heights.    'Son - beloved.
I 'say' again, little one, that you always face The Father, in your very PERSON. Your eyes may look across the world or towards the stars, but your very person 'looks' to The Father. Herein, lies your merits.
With Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, do you 'look' to The Father.
Filled with The Spirit of Love and Harmony do you 'face' The Father.
In my Immaculate Conception and from the depths of my Heart, do you 'face' The Father and in the company of the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.
Yes, this is the stance of your person and your person is that which says 'I' and 'my'. Thus in course, your soul and your body must follow your person.
In the material world the hope of joy is found when body, soul and person are aligned in facing The Father, for this stance is that of Paradise. When you pray then - truly pray - this becomes your stance and your mind and your body are occupied with thoughts of the Divine and your soul is stimulated in Love and Truth and Purity, while your very person becomes One in The Person of Jesus Christ, with your Mother and all of her children.
Come always to your Mother, son, for I will continue to show you the Way of Jesus - the Way of Perfection. Come, for I would raise you to The Heights, NOW, but also, forever.'
> 3-Sep-97. For I Delivered God Himself To Creation    'Son - so loved. So loved, I say, but this means that God shares His Love with you. He shares His Love with me; with all of His Children and so, we share His Love amongst us.
God shares His Truth, likewise.
God also, shares His Holiness.
Thus, He shares Himself. So also, do  we in Heaven and Purgatory, and all of my children on earth, share ourselves. We give of ourselves to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, and we give of ourselves to one another. I, who have received most, by way of my Immaculate Conception and my Motherhood of The Saviour, share most.
Yet, it is not only my Creator Who shares most with His tiny handmaid, but it is all of His Children who share most with The Mother.
Jesus firstly shares His Infinite Merits with me.
All of my children also share themselves with me giving to me of themselves in every way. These children of The Rosary, in their consecration to my Immaculate Heart, give of themselves to me the most and the greatest, and receive most from me ...
... but also from Jesus, in His Merits
... and from The Holy Trinity, in Love, Truth and Holiness.
This is so because I am she who delivers all of God's Graces to creation, for I delivered God Himself to creation.'
> 5-Sep-97. Their Crosses Become Sources Of Delight    'Son - beloved espoused of mine.
Beloved espoused of The Immaculate Conception. Yes, I am bold and forward in declaring my great care and devotion for you, my tiny warrior. It is true that I love you dearly and totally, with The very Love of God.
In His Purity do I love you and through His Truth do I couple with you by His Love.
Yes, son, your Mother holds you in most especial ways of care and devotion, because of the suffering you have undergone for our Saviour, my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.
What suffering? You realise The Love The Father has for you; you perceive His especial attention to you and you forget your crosses! Yes, this is God's Way. Embrace your crosses by His Love and through His Truth and in His Purity, and they are light and joyful. Look at my children and how they delight in their lot; how they consider their lot to be truly joyful; how they thank and praise our Father for all He has done for them, the great and wonderful Gifts He has given them; but you know, my son, that they have heavy crosses!!!
Do they mention their crosses? Not at all; but they do mention how wonderful God treats them! And son, it is so true that The Father gives them such great Gifts that, compared to the crosses they bear, make these crosses as though nothing at all - indeed, their crosses become sources of delight. So it is with my tiny Straw-of-The-Father. 
Always be in Peace, with me at your side.'
> 12-Sep-97 For He 'Sees' Both Of Us Bathed In My Immaculate Conception     'Son - so very dear to me. Always, little one, I hold your hand, as you walk through life and then, it is both of us who look to the future, together.
With your hand in mine, The Father looks upon us both, and He finds delight; for He has given us to His Eternal-son and He 'sees' that His Gift is a perfect One, for He 'sees' both of us bathed in my Immaculate Conception
... and so, reflecting His Holiness and Purity.
So also does The Son delight is us, for He finds His Father's Gift, so perfect. It is by The Love and Harmony of The Spirit that we are perfect and He finds delight in us, too.
Therefore, little one, your Guardian Angel is filled with every joy that his little son so delights The Trinity, for your wondrous Guardian Angel has toiled long and hard for your salvation.
All of your Friends in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo, find great happiness in The Holy Trinity's delight, for this happiness of theirs finds new heights - as God's Will is fulfilled in His creation ...
... and as His Will for the new era finds total satisfaction
... so that the new era is upon mankind.'
> 15-Oct-97. The Crosses Of My Little Children On Earth Are Treasures To Me    'Son ... my tiny and sad son. The crosses of my little children on earth are treasures to me ...
... treasures
... treasures that move Heaven. How I embrace the crosses of my little children, all around the world! I search them out, even the tiniest, the minutest crosses. I gather them up as you would the most valuable diamonds and I join them to The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. Jesus embraces these little crosses for they ADD to His - yes, indeed - and they are instrumental in saving souls. But also, He loves them for they come from my hand; from my children of The Rosary ...
... bathed in my Immaculate Conception.
Such is the Love He has for His Mother and Queen ...
... I am thus honoured by Him all the more, in my army of tiny children, who face, always, The Father ...
... and The Mother
... filled with Love and Harmony.
This is the way we become perfect for Jesus. It is through Jesus; through Truth and Wisdom that we achieve perfection ...
... for Him
... as a Gift to Him
... from The Father
... by The Spirit.'
> 16-Oct-97. For We Would Have All Creation Give Itself To Jesus    'Son, so beloved.
The Love of God shines on you, little one, like the sun's rays upon earth, yet far, far more exquisite; more life-giving; more pure.
The Truth of God shines upon you, son, opening you to Wisdom; to God.
The Purity of God shines upon you, tiny beloved, making you a reflection of The Father.
Bathed in these Three Virtues of The Godhead, you are bathed in The Three Persons, and so become like God.
So that you may attain greatness in God's image - so that you attain the greatest statute - I bathe you in my Immaculate Conception and the Friends share with you, everything they have and are! It is our character to share, following God's Own Example ...
... He Who shares Himself
... He Who is The Giver.
To save your soul and many millions of souls, do we particularly share ourselves with you ...
... for we would have all creation give itself to Jesus, The Eternal-son, for Whom it was created.
Be at Peace. Be ready, son, for the hour is upon you. Soon, you shall be rewarded for your patience and co-operation ...
... little Straw-of-The-Father
... little key to the New Era.'
> 17-Oct-97. When You Weep, I Comfort You And I Share Your Grief    'Son, so very beloved.
It is true - when you weep, I comfort you and I share your grief ...
... and I seek to make your grief a means of saving souls, particularly the soul about whom you grieve. These are your crosses and the cross of grieving is most powerful, for the very person is affected, as well as the soul and the body which expresses the grief. I join your

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