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crosses to The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. But first I cover your crosses with my Immaculate Conception and then I, personally, with the Friends, give them to Jesus. With my own hands, do I do this ...
... for you
... for many, many souls. Be, in Peace.'
> 19-Oct-97. Because, This Is The Father's Will    'Son, so beloved. We, you and I, The Mother and her tiny son, share The Love of God between us. That is, The Spirit of Love and Harmony reflects upon us and between us, and from us, to all creation ...
... and from all of the living creation
... to us.
Thus do I share, in a personal way, The Love of God with all of my children ...
... in and through and by The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Because, this is The Father's Will. So also, do I share with you, most beloved son, The Truth and Wisdom of God ...
... and The Purity and Holiness of God.
So that I may PERFECTLY share with you and with all of my children, The Virtues of The Creator, I first of all share my self ...
... particularly my Immaculate Conception.
On this particular day, (a special day), I bless you with a new and profound blessing, in the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. This new and profound blessing will take you a further step toward the New Era and will fortify you for your particular operation of The Father's Will.
I have formed and perfected you and this is to allow you to carry out The Father's exquisite Will totally and truly. Be, in Peace.
Serve the world ...
... as you have served The Father
... as you have served The Mother.'
> 30-Oct-97. So Frail And Feeble Before The Hordes Of Evil    'Son so tiny - so miserable in your concerns and worries - so pathetic in your own efforts - so frail and feeble before the hordes of evil!
Do not be concerned, little child of The Father; little child of The Mother ...
... for The Holy Spirit of Love and Harmony is about to transform you ...
... He will open your mind and your heart
... and He will open your mouth and loosen your tongue.
He will do so within my Immaculate Heart ...
... within the light of my Immaculate Conception 
... where my children reside
... where I have placed you.
He will work upon you making you a new man ...
... a new man of the New Era of Love
... and of Harmony.
Come son of mine, it is your littleness and your emptiness before The Creator that raises you high before God's Throne. It is your inability that attracts The Father's attention ...
... it is that you look to Him
... it is that you face Him, always.
It is that you are receptive to Truth and to Purity and to Love. It is that your are receptive to me and to our Friends. It is that you carry your little crosses behind The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.'
> 9-Nov-97. You Must Be Aware Of The Great Apostasy    'Son - so beloved. Always ...
... always
... always
... be, in Peace.
Come to your Mother with Peace in your heart. Join The Angels, Saints and Holy Souls with Peace in your heart. Follow The Cross of Jesus, with your own crosses, with Peace in your heart. Face The Father of Goodness, with Peace in your heart. Open yourself to The Spirit of Love and of Harmony, with Peace in your heart. Be, my tiny Radiator of The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son; The Peace that IS Jesus ...
... because I have clothed you with my Immaculate Conception
... because you are The Father's tiny Straw
... because The Son has taken you into His Sacred Heart.
If you have Love in you, then you have Peace. If you have Truth in you, then you have Peace. If you have Goodness in you, then you have Peace.
Yes, you must be aware of the great apostasy and of what is happening around you, and even of sufferings and sorrow you bear, but in all of this ...
... have Peace in your heart.'
> 13-Nov-97. Your Inheritance From Your Mother, Is Great Indeed    'Son, my tiny heir. You are, indeed, heir to ALL that I have, and truly, you are already sharing in this inheritance. Yes, my son, and ALL that I have is of God, for I reflect His every virtue ...
... Purity, in my Immaculate Conception
... Truth, in my true Son, Jesus The Christ
... Love, in my betrothal to The Spirit of God.
In my total and perfect reflection of The Father, I become The Immaculate Conception. Because I perfectly reflect The Father in Purity and in the fact that Jesus issues from me, I become also, the perfect reflection of The Son.
You see, The Son is the perfect Reflection of The Father in Eternity and because I also perfectly reflect The Father, in creation, I am then, the perfect reflection of The Son.
Yet more, for The Spirit of Love and of Harmony came upon me and filled me with His every Gift - with Himself in fact - and thus, too, am I the perfect reflection of The Spirit, in creation. This is why I represented ALL creation in my co-operation with The Holy Trinity in The Redemption of man. Thus, child of mine and my betrothed, your inheritance from your Mother, is great indeed.'
> 14-Nov-97. Embrace Humility And Embrace Your Crosses    'Son. Tiny son who belongs to me. Yes, I do see how pitiful you can be and how pitiful your situation often seems. Be at ease. Embrace humility and embrace your crosses. Be patient. Be calm. Be, in Peace. Hold on to the way I have set out for you ...
... yes, you are on the way set out for you by The Immaculate Conception
... a way which is often ignoble and pitiable
... a way which is, one might say, despicable.
You are hidden beneath this ignoble and pitiable situation and you would seem to be something of little worth ...
... yes, you think you are of little worth anyway
... but then your pride comes forward as though you thought otherwise.
You are hidden beneath this sad situation and under these crosses, so ignoble, and even your own family do not see you for what you are ...
... and have no idea of my great plans for you.
You need only struggle a little longer, dear one, for it is time for you to set out upon a new way which I light up for you ...
... by the light of my Immaculate Conception
... which I totally share with my tiny warrior.'
> 4-Dec-97. For It Is Truth That Is Needed In The World Today    'Son, beloved ...
... betrothed.
You perceive much, little one, for I have opened your heart to many things - to great Truths. I have brought Truth to you - Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. For it is Truth that is needed in the world today ...
... it is Truth that the modernists have shattered and covered with deceit.
It is Truth that opens the door to the new era ...
... Truth
... for this is the era of Truth
... the era of The Christ, The Eternal-son.
The Father's era preceded The Son's and now, at hand, is the era of The Spirit.

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