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Musings 2002/155

they have been blest by God in their lives and in what they believe - or else they failed.
How would I choose such an institution amongst the few that exists?
There is one simple way to do this and that is look for the one who claims


The question should not be
Why?, the question should be

Why would I adhere to an institution
that does NOT claim
to be infallible?

If they do not claim to be infallible, then they are admitting that they are fallible!!
Can you believe this? A religion that does NOT claim to be infallible!
How easily it is then, to arrive at the destination of one's search for the institution that has existed with stupendous success over many centuries and has raised up innumerable men and women of miraculous qualities of sainthood and that claims  and proves its infallibility!
Once a person finds this institution which is so obviously THE Church of God, that is, The Catholic Church lead by the Bishop of Rome, it is eminently  sensible and obviously the intelligent thing to do, to become part of  that institution and

to follow its guidelines
with the greatest precision.

I say it is eminently sensible and obviously the intelligent thing to do, that is, to adhere in obedience to The Universal Church.  How then - the old question keeps on arising - can a Catholic, already in The Church, deliberately defy The Church and openly dissent against Her teachings?
How often do we ask this question of one another?
In today's Gospel perhaps, we perceive the answer that is obvious and which we know to be true, yet still stumble over the truth of it,

They were utterly and completely dumbfounded,
because they had not seen
what the miracle of the loaves meant;
their minds were closed.

Mark 6:52 tells us that  even Christ's disciples failed to comprehend his lessons  because their minds were closed! Christ could open their minds to the Truth which He taught, but it seems that very little can open the minds of today's apostates, the modernists, who are, even now, passing out of history - linger through they may.
Mother Angelica
We merely have to glance at some of the would-be-Catholic newsletters that are approved by some of our Priests, to be aware of the closed-mind mentality of Mark 6. Consider Father Shothimselfinthefoot and his recent newsletter in which he deceives his readers about the living-saint, Mother Angelica.
Father Shothimselfinthefoot says that Mother
is not an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church.
O dear!
Mother's marvellous EWTN reaches some 70 million families around the world and everything, that is to say EVERYTHING, is 100% Catholic.
Father Shothimselfinthefoot also reaches families, perhaps 300?, and we know how Catholic are his teachings. He, too
, is not an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church.
On the other hand EWTN hosts many great persons including Bishops and Cardinals and gives prominence to the Pope and all he does. Good theologians appear on her network.
I would have to suggest that EWTN is extremely close to being an official spokes-medium for The Catholic Church.
extremely close.
Father Shothimselfinthefoot feels
that her presentations are often divisive of the Catholic Church.
O dear!
Because Mother Angelica and her EWTN are absolutely Catholic, I can understand that Father Shothimselfinthefoot might consider her
divisive, he being  of the modernist ilk.
Now, if EWTN is indeed the wonderful teacher of true Catholicism as I say it is, and as the Pope would say it is - and probably does - then what can we say about people who criticise and undermine EWTN, deceiving any poor person who listens to them?
The simple answer is this:

they would have to be anti-Catholic,
whether deliberately or in ignorance.

Socialism and Catholicism

P 120. If Socialism, like all errors,
contains some truth
(which, moreover, the Supreme Pontiffs
have never denied),
it is based nevertheless on a theory of human society
peculiar to itself
and irreconcilable with true Christianity.
Religious socialism, Christian socialism,
are contradictory terms;
no one can be at the same time a good Catholic
and a true socialist. P


Popes before Pius XI and after him have confirmed that socialism is unacceptable to Catholicism. The popes are not referring to Communism, only, which is extreme socialism, but to all manners of socialisms.
This becomes clear when we note, in the same encyclical - paragraph 112 - that the Pope declares that socialism
has sunk into Communism.
One of the grave objections against socialism that The Church condemns is that

socialism would have all moral issues
decided by  election,
rather then by the teaching of God
and of His Church!

This is a most dangerous heresy but not very difficult to instil into peoples attitudes, because people generally want to be part of the team; part of society, and wish not to be seen as different, divisive or rockers of boats. Further, people have come to think that democracy is the be-all and end-all of human culture!

Notice the parallel thinking of socialists 
and of modernists.

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