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Musings 2002/155

The latter contend that the people want e.g., the Third Rite of Reconciliation and therefore The Church should give it to them! Here we see the socialist attitude of the modernist. He does not accept the moral authority, or any authority of The Church, and looks, instead, to what the local faith community wants.
He does so in a cunning manner, declaring that we laity are the People of God and part of the
Royal Priesthood. We are church - we are faith community -  that is to say, we will decide what we want! Not what an old Polish arch-conservative wants!
When we look at the frailty, fickleness and faultiness of human beings, we have to think that we should be the last to decide what is moral and what is immoral; what offends God and what delights God.

How anyone could think
that public opinion
is the sure measurement
for morality
is beyond me!

Even now, some claim that euthanasia would be acceptable to the majority! Some would say that the majority would accept that brothels are necessary! Ditto for abortion!
And, there seems to be not doubt at all, that the great majority accepts artificial contraception!
So, there you go.
How reliable is the majority?
But modernists, like socialists, do not stop at pushing and urging acceptance of public opinion morality. Not at all.

They go hammer-and-nail
to sway and mould public opinion!

That is the very reason why they have placed their own kind in positions of authority which have important input to the formation of public opinion, e.g. the Priesthood! That is the very reason they set out to control institutions like schools and seminaries!
It is an interesting thing and further evidence of the correctness of what The Church teaches, and that is that those who support modernism whether directly or indirectly,
have a leaning towards socialist thinking. They have a noticeable dislike for anti-socialist organisations e.g. the National Civic Council. They push for a peculiar form of social justice which becomes so important to them that it would replace Church Doctrine in their lives. They clamour for any novel sort of social justice which is seen by the recent disgusting exposure of pro-lesbian, pro-witchcraft 'Catholic nuns'.
They get mixed up in their thinking on social justice, for they tend to support actions of minority groups with moral problems, such as homosexuality, when the correct procedure is support for the individuals, for they are invited by our heavenly Father to inherit eternal-life, just like the rest of us.
At the same time, however, they must abhor homosexuality just as all offences against God are abhorred.
Because of their socialist thinking, modernists are prepared to forsake Truth to gain a perceived social justice goal.

They have so little regard for Truth
that they lose sight of God Himself,
Who is Truth.

In losing sight of Divine Truth, found in The Church they claim as their own, they wander in their own darkness thinking even, that those real Catholics upon whom God does give His Light are actually walking in darkness!!

P Here is the message we heard from him
and pass on to you:
that God is light
and in him there is no darkness at all. 1 John  1:5.

Liberation Theology
Because of their socialist mentality, the modernist looks upon liberation theology as the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Still -  even after
The Church has condemned liberation theology!
Of course, liberation theology is mainly an offshoot of communism inter-twined with selections of Catholicism. It comes out of the socialist mentality.
No surprises here.
If you believe it, then it's the truth!
We are here observing how the Catholic Faith of a person can be entangled so much that it is no longer Catholic.
Throughout this entanglement we find that a socialist train of thought is a common denominator.
And this common denominator is found in the incredible and awful acceptance of any and every uninformed conscience. If you believe it is OK, then it is OK! No intention at all of motivating the person towards an INFORMED CONSCIENCE; that is, a conscience formed by the exquisite teachings of The Universal Church - a conscience that look to Holy Mother Church for Her sure guidance.
The uninformed conscience is then directed towards a further uninformed strategy. In a self-defeating, outrageous pretence in bringing all religions together, the insane suggestion is proffered and generally accepted that whatever one believes, is the truth, has been clutched at.
How anyone can accept that utter nonsense is quite beyond me, but I hear it all too often, even from people who are considered intelligent!
Now, if I said the moon reflects the light of the sun, while another person maintained that the moon produced its own light which had nothing to do with the sun, one of us has to be wrong.
It is the same with Truths of religion. Either Jesus Christ is the Saviour of mankind or He is not. I believe He is and another will claim He is not.

Both of us can not be right.

This is, nevertheless, what some pro-modernists come up with and by this unreal thinking, they believe they are acting in charity towards non-Christians and non-Catholics!
They actually deceive themselves into thinking they have discovered the key to eventual union of all religions! They actually think that they can so easily discard Truth and in so doing,  remove all obstacles from unity!
Truth thus becomes watered down and down and down until it disappears altogether. And if Truth disappears, what is left?

Deception is what remains.

Now this foolhardy thinking is bad enough as it stands, but it gets worse.
This is so, because,

while the pro-modernist
will willingly accept anything
as the truth
as long as one believes it,
they do NOT offer
the same liberty
to real Catholics!!!

Thus, the advice a neo-modernist would give to a person who lives an immoral life, is this:

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