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... bringing Goodness and Love to all.
Then will The Father proclaim to all peoples this Triumph of The Woman and her children.
Then will The Eucharistic Era come into its fullness and the Real Presence of Jesus perceived by every individual of every nation.
Jesus, in The Catholic Eucharist, will become the Light for the world ...
... and His peace and sweetness and His humility will astonish even the most depraved.
Yes, let our golden ship set sail. Let the winds of prayer billow the sails and the Faith of my little children be the navigator.
I therefore give my blessing upon this ship which my Children give me ...
... for it is The Spirit of Love Who prompted them.
The Eternal-father saw that this was good and so I am delighted in His approval and His Gift.
I bless my children, my children of The Rosary who sail my golden ship ...
... those who follow The Vicar of Christ
.... and who already perceive Jesus in The Eucharist.
Go forth in supreme confidence; with my guidance and be, in Peace.'
1-Oct-04    How grand will their wonder be at the beauty of The Universal Church
'Little one - my own son.
Peace comes - it comes swiftly and gathers momentum.
The prayers of humanity in its awful sufferings of every kind, rises to God's Throne ...
... and His great Mercy is ignited.
Woe to those evil ones who instigate, promote and prolong these sufferings to God's innocent ones ...
... to God's little children
... to the unborn
... to my especial children of The Rosary.
Woe to the camel and his breed!
Their time has indeed come and their future lies with the lake of sulphur - in hell - where their awful existence rises before them to haunt them ...
... when they could have been with God
... face to Face
... sharing Goodness, Truth and Love
... and every delight and joy and happiness.
The evil they incur! The insanity they inspire! The ugliness of hatred - the destruction of deception - the putridity of their malfunctioning.
Have no pity for them, my son. They proceed in accord with their own pleasure, despising their Creator and forever seething with corruption.
How light and gay will the world be without these horrors! How pleasant and fruitful will my children be!
How exquisite will their delight be as they perceive so fully and truly The Real Presence of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, in His Sacrament of Love.
How grand will their wonder be at the beauty of The Universal Church shining Her Light upon the world!
How truly happy will we all be when the world perceives God's great Gift to me and to all creation - my Immaculate Conception.
Yes, the future is so bright even in this darkness that still hovers across every nation. In fact, this darkness makes the future brightness more astonishing and more beautiful.
This darkness ... which is being dissolved by The Spirit of Light.
My love is for you, son.'
12-Oct-04  These are the marks of a child of mine.
'Little son and my beloved.
'Beloved' - what a marvellous word! One who is loved. One who is loved by another.
It is an easy thing to perceive that my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, should make His great Commandment - have Love for one another, the same Love I have for you.
Love has no limits - no boundaries - does not judge.
Thus, says my Son, love your enemies!
You are right in judging who your enemies are and this judgment comes out of the wisdom you have in understanding The Truth of Christ.
But in knowing your enemies you nevertheless, love them - pray for them - do good things for them!
This is why I have taught you to realise The Truth of Love - that Love is The Holy Spirit.
Therefore you share The Holy Spirit with everyone, even your enemies and it is then up to those to decide whether they will accept this Love.
It is of no wisdom to think you could do the same for the residents of hell whose decision, whose choice, for hell, is absolutely permanent.
But of the living and of the Holy Souls, these - every one - call upon all of my children for Love.
In the same way, do they cry out for Truth.
And of course, to show your love for them and your desire to bring Truth, you have three Gifts to give ...
... The Pope of The Universal Church
... The Holy Eucharist
... my Immaculate Conception.
These are the marks of a child of mine.
Share all I give you my son, with everyone you meet particularly those children of mine who are yet to realise they are, indeed, my children.
These children may not have even heard of The Christ or of His Church, but their hearts belong to me ...
... and I lead them to The Son of God
... The Son of Man
... my Son.'
13-Oct-04  Yet He also proposes to perfect His Kingdom on earth
'Son. My tiny, tiny son.
Son of Heaven.

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