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Son of The Eternal-father, from Whom you issue directly. It is your very person that issues directly from Him and to whom is given a body and soul.
Yes, such is the dignity of mankind ...
... such is the glory given to mankind
... and such is the dignity and glory lost by sin!
What a catastrophe is sin ...
... rebellion of creature against Creator
... malfunctioning of the worst kind.
Yes, there is grave sin that leads to hell and lesser ones that lead to Purgatory ...
... yet all sin is to be avoided.
Do not cling to any sin no matter how venial, my son ... my children.
Rid yourself of every venial malfunction before God ...
... Who desires to raise you to perfection
... sharing The Godhead
... in my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
Already God has given creation a perfect creature. He has done so through my Immaculate Conception.
He will raise all of my children to perfection in Heaven.
Yet He also proposes to perfect His Kingdom on earth.
This He has done in The Universal Church of John Paul II, His Vicar ...
... and this Church is about to become the light for the world
... perceived as such by everyone.
Yes The Church has always been the light for the world but soon this Truth will become undeniable and perceivable by every person everywhere.
This is a part of our work, my little son and beloved, to bring this light for the world, to the world and we do this in the proclamation of my Immaculate Conception which is the forerunner of The Eternal-father's great proclamation.
Peace to you - to your companions - to your families.'
18-Oct-04.   persevere towards our goal which is the proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus Christ
'Son of God. Son of man.
You too are these things and so are enabled to become One in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son Who is The Son in eternity, God Himself.
You have your little crosses to bear as a son of man and these you join to The Cross of Salvation.
Be content with your life as it is and persevere towards our goal which is the proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus Christ ...
... The Triumph of The Immaculate Conception
... which began at conception
... realised in the Conception of The Christ in my womb
... and carried on to this next step
... the conception of the new Adam and Eve
... The Church of the New Era of Love.
The Holy Spirit has worked in me to bring forth The Christ and continues to work in me to bring forth The Era of Love - His Own Era.
Working also in The Universal Church The Spirit brings Her to a new fullness and a new beauty ...
... the light for the world.
Peace, little son.'
20-Oct-04.  How I welcome your presence at Golgotha!
'Son. Beloved. Friend.
My tiny warrior.
How I welcome your presence at Golgotha!
Yes, time and space are transcended before The Cross of Salvation, before The Cross of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
All things are drawn up to The Crucified One and I am there to give them to Him, just as I too, am given to Him.
As His Mother - as The Woman of Scripture - as His Co-redemptrix - I give Him everything that comes to me.
All of my children of every nation of every age, I give to Jesus for He it is that they are created for ...
... that we are created for.
For He it is Who has paid the supreme price for us, The Children of The Eternal-father.
Yet all of The Children of The Eternal-father are also my Children and so I can say in Truth, that I bring everything to Jesus ...
... and I bring everything to Him at Golgotha
... where The complete Victory is completed
... The Victory of the past, present and the future.
It is at Golgotha that the universe becomes the possession of The Saviour, in His complete triumph.
It is at Golgotha that every Angel and every Saint pays homage to The Son of Man
... The Son of God.
It is at Golgotha that I present to Jesus souls released from Purgatory and Limbo ...
... that I present to Him the newly baptised.
I, with all of my children, present myself and ourselves before Him in homage ...
... in love and gratitude and for His glory.
Before Him on The Cross, I thank Him for my Immaculate Conception ...
... and at Golgotha my children also thank Him for this Immaculate Conception
... which in union with The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ
... brings forth The new Era of Love and Harmony.'
4-Nov-04  The world begins to waken, little son
'Son of mine. Let me embrace you. Let me embrace your close friends who need the Mother's embrace.
Let them feel my embrace, as I hold them close to my heart ...

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