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... and remind my adored Son to lavish His compassion upon them.
Yes, He needs no reminder but I am unable to cease beseeching Him on behalf of my most precious children of the Holy Rosary ...
... especially those most devoted to my Immaculate Conception
... which devotion is a sure sign of their great love and honour and adoration of The Eternal-father
... Whom I reflect in this Immaculate Conception
... and Motherhood of His Son.
The world begins to waken, little son.
The moral value of God's Church ...
... of His universe
... becomes a focal point
... and Christians will use this to unite.
This union in The Mystical Body is based on ...
... Truth.
It is only Truth that will bring unity - permanent unity.
Continue to champion Truth little son. I know your 'audience' seems so small. Be not concerned about that for I will look after that.
The world needs champions of Truth ...
... The Truth of Jesus The Christ
... the same Truth found in The Universal Church.
To embrace Truth, the one embracing needs great humility for he must recognise then, his own errors. Truth and humility go together as I have observed before.
In praying for Truth around the world, you must also pray for the humility needed to embrace It. Once embraced Truth protects humility and fortifies it.
I love you. I Love your companions.'
12-Nov-2004  Do you not think you are able to delight The Holy Trinity?
'Son. Child of mine. Tiny warrior of The Immaculate Conception ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
I remind you again, be in Peace. Walk through your life, in the world, in The Peace of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
Keep your heart facing The Eternal-father - always, always, 'look' towards Him. Never take the eyes of your heart off our Father.
He looks always towards my Children - towards you - towards your companions who walk the way of The Immaculate Conception.
Do this and you delight your Mother ...
... delight your Guardian Angel and all of the living creation
... delight Jesus
... delight The Holy Trinity.
Do you not think you are able to delight The Holy Trinity?
Of course you can, for this reason you have the Ten Commandments written in your heart.
The Holy Trinity is absolutely associated with The Son of Man, Jesus and He is human ...
... and can be delighted.
You are able to delight The Son of Man. Yes. Yes.
You are able to delight The Triune God, in delighting Jesus.
How marvellous is The Will of God! How marvellous does our God give His children ...
... every dignity
... every possibility to gain a share in Divinity!
Let us praise The divine Will - let us adore God's Will which is directed rowards each and every son and daughter, so that each ...
... gains eternal-life in Christ.
What great dignity is available to us; to you.
It is God's Will that we should share His Goodness ...
... know His Truth
... and bathe in His Love.
Take my hand, little son, little children and we, together, will face The Eternal-father and adore His Eternal-will.'
16-Nov-04.  We have come a long way together, child of mine
'Little son.
We have come a long way together, child of mine ...
... child of God.
Yes. You have come to know The Mother quite well and you will continue to grow in the knowledge of ...
... The Immaculate Conception.
You have come to perceive The Sacred Heart of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation ...
... He for Whom only, were we created.
I lead you to ever greater depths of His Sacred Heart wherein The Virtues of The Creator are found and the Virtues of The Creature.
Jesus is a creature as we are ...
... and He is Creator.
You have come a long way in depthing Truth - Truth that is Christ, The Son of God.
And in Goodness too, have you matured.
Yes, in Love as well.
The Infinite Merits of Jesus have been placed in your heart so that your maturity proceeds to the heights.
So too have many little sufferings been laid on your shoulders.
Now son, we enter the fullness of The Era of Love - the fullness of The Triumph of The Immaculate Conception ... The Triumph of The Woman.
And thence the world enters a period of Peace where Truth and Goodness are supreme and Love is the

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