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Remain with me, my little warrior, my tiny champion of The Immaculate Conception.
Persevere. Be, in Peace. Rest in my Immaculate Heart. Be consoled and strengthened.
Be aware that The Eternal-father, Who especially favours my tiny son, has all things under control.
He does not create to allow His creation to be exploited and/or infected with evil on a permanent basis.
Out of infection of His creation, The Good Lord raises His Work to a higher perfection and will do so …
… even to raising it to Divinity
… which He does with the souls of man.
Again I urge you, my son, persevere for I truly need you at my side …
… where you belong
… before Jesus, The Crucified-one.
And I thank you, little one, for comforting and encouraging me as I kneel before The Crucified-one …
… crucified for you and for me
…for all creation
… which He has drawn up unto Himself.'
12-Mar-2010    Yes, the greater the Truth one possesses the greater the humility.

'Little son of mine. Thank you for being this son - so persevering, so devoted, so humble.
Yes 'humble'. You know that the possession of Truth brings humility and I have been bringing you Truth for many decades!
Yes, the greater the Truth one possesses the greater the humility.
Acknowledgment of the Truth that you are a creature brought forth from nothing - that all you have has been given to you (excepting your use of your freewill) - that you are destined for Eternal-life in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son - brings humility.
Grasp Truth with your whole being, little son, and your humility will be perfected.
Man must acknowledge that Jesus is the one and only avenue to mercy and peace …
… to redemption.
Man must acknowledge that Jesus' Church over Which He has placed Peter, is the one and only Church that He instituted …
… and to Her, all of separated Christendom must return; to true unity.
Man must acknowledge therefore, the Priesthood and the Sacraments of His Church and Her infallibility, especially the most Holy Eucharist, for man has already entered into The Eucharistic Era.
Man must acknowledge the fullness of God's creation especially the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, particularly my Spouse, Joseph and the Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael and, because I truly reflect The Eternal-father, man must acknowledge my Immaculate Conception.
These acknowledgments are about to take place for the time of the evil one is virtually complete.
The ease of the full transition into The Era of love is measured only by the Goodness found in man.
Pray for man that he turn to Jesus.'

15 - Apr - 2010    We love and adore You my Son and we honour and thank You

'Thank you son of mine ….
… son of The Immaculate Conception
… little warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, I thank you for following the path I lead you along …
… which ends in the depth of The Sacred Heart of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, for Whom only were we created.
Our work is for Him.
We live only for Him.
He is God - He is Man - He is Friend and Protector and Healer.
He is All-things to my Children and indeed, to all creatures and to all creation.
Yet He shares what is His Own with my children everywhere in every generation.
He shares His Eternal-father, His Eternal-spirit, His Kingdom, His very Power and Authority.
He shares His Mother and all the Saints and Holy Souls …
… especially His Foster-father Joseph, the Great-patriarch
… and His Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.
So that we might share to the full all the Gifts He gives to us …
… gained through His cross
… His Infinite Merits,
we are given the incredible Gifts of
… existence
… and of freewill.
What a Gift is this existence!
That we should have being - that we exist - that our existence is given the greatest dignity …
… sharing His Mystical Body and
… His embracing the life of a creature!!
We love and adore You my Son and we honour and thank You.'

28-Jun-10. What an honour for me that
The Lord should give me so many loving children

'O son of The Immaculate Conception …
… my son and little warrior.
Thank you for your patience and perseverance,.
Your efforts for souls for my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, is joined by The Living Creation--all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls …
… indeed, you have joined your efforts to theirs

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