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and in this way you have become the Little Straw that broke the camel's back.
As I have stated more then once, the camel has been defeated and it is only for the sake of souls that The Almighty has not announced to the entire world
the victory of The Woman-clothed-with-the-sun.
Bear with me a little longer, my son, and you will experience the new heavens and the new earth
the new Jerusalem.
All matters are in The Father's hands and He has the entire creation under control
and the Divine-will will prevail everywhere.
You will experience the new Eden which will remain resplendent for all time.
What wonders and what delights await humanity, most especially my children of the Holy Rosary.
Be at ease, little one, for we lead and guide you and prepare the way for you.
Praise be God in His Trinity and in His Christ and in His Kingdom.
And again, thank you.
I continually thank The Lord for all of my children around the world. What an honour for me that The Lord should give me so many loving children.'

24-Aug-10 Humility, as you realise, is not necessarily sub-servient but is living in reality

'My dear little son--oh precious little warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
Truth is the essential of all creation and all I say to you is Truth.
Truth is humility, even The Truth of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son--Truth-personified.
Although The Almighty Himself, Jesus was a Man of perfect humility
perfect obedience.
For Truth also leads to obedience
obedience to The Almighty.
And Jesus, perceiving Himself as a Son of Man, as indeed He was, perceived His Creator as does the normal man
and perceiving The Almighty as The Creator
and Himself as Man
Jesus assumed total humility and obedience
acknowledging the true difference between Creator and creature.
Yet, His humility did not interfere with His realisation of His Work of Salvation
of the need to cure the sick and give sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf
life to the dead
teaching to the unlearned
Truth to the deceived
Salvation to the lost.
Humility, as you realise, is not necessarily sub-servient but is living in reality, and, although man is a creature where once he was nothing, still his stature as man has astonishing dignity
and this dignity was multiplied when The Son of God became my Son
The Son of The Immaculate.
Thank you for being another son of mine. Be, in Peace.'

20-Oct-10 Immortality in Christ
'Little one--little creature of The Creator
little son--of The Eternal-father
... little issue--of The Eternal-source
little beloved--of The Immaculate Conception.
No, my son, these truths about you are surely important for you, but they are important for all of my children, for all of my children comprise The Kingdom of God.
Being a son or a daughter, an issue, a friend or a creature, is true for all of mankind; yet these truths perfectly identify man as something that now exists but did not previously exist.
Indeed--this is so.
We are creatures of The Divine-creator--all that we have, has been given to us
except our decisions on how we use what we have been given.
Yes, we are mere creatures! We are not God! We exist--but once we did not!
Yet, these truths, while they demand that we be of humble opinion, also state
that we have been given the hope of sharing Divinity, in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
So, while we, I The Immaculate conception, The Woman of Scripture, and my children, are mere creatures who previously had no existence, we have been given the hope of immortality
immortality in The Christ
and this promise of immortality is a dignity beyond compare
and is only available to those who acquire true humility.'

22-Oct-10 Never will my love, that of The Immaculate Conception, falter.
"O son of mine.
Thank you for your humble devotion and your perseverance, even as life does not bring forth miracles and solutions for you and for the world.
The Son of God--Who is God--gave Himself up for you and for the world, suffering horribly unto death.
The Son shows us God's attitude of Love for us, and highlights a love beyond the comprehension of any creature.
I imitate my adored Son in loving His disciples, for I am His servant and follower. But also, I love you, for you are my children.
You are immortal in Christ Jesus and in Him you are my children, He being my Child by the overpowering of The Spirit of Power.
Be assured, son of The Father, my love for you is everlasting. It will not fade away.
It will only increase, the more you become One in The trinity.
And the more humble you become in The Truth that Jesus brings to creation, the stronger this Oneness becomes

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