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… the more glorified with ecstasy does this Oneness become.
It is not possible that I should let our especial relationship lapse or deteriorate, and the only possibility is for its greater unity.
Even as mere mortals fail in their intentions and even offend The Almighty, never will The Mother fail her children.
Never will my love, that of The Immaculate Conception, falter.
8-Jan-11  Peace will reign in the world--this Peace that comes from God
'Little son. Beloved of The Kingdom of God.
Little warrior of The Immaculate Conception, God's Gift to me and to His creation.
I bring you Peace--a Peace that lasts forever even if it does not shelter you from harm.
This Peace is a fortress which can not be assailed for it is the very Harmony of God …
… The Spirit Himself.
This Harmony is a Gift of God for the Era of The Spirit and all mankind will share it.
Peace will reign in the world--this Peace that comes from God …
… this Peace that comes through The Universal Church
… and through The Immaculate Conception.
Just as The Eternal-son came into His Own creation through something created--myself--so too will The Spirit come through something created …
… The Church and The Immaculate Conception.
It is the way The trinity works because of the freewill of man and because man was created in His Image.
The Almighty would have man truly realise that He has given this immortal dignity to him.
Thank you, O my God.'

11-Feb-11  Do I not need consolation? The Mother before her crucified Son?
'Little son. I bring you to the heavenly Host--Angels, Saints and Holy Souls …
… to pray with them, for all creation
… for all mankind, past, present and future.
I do so because Jesus said "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all things to Myself".
Jesus was lifted up and he has drawn all things to Himself--even the future.
Thus He makes Golgotha the centre of all creation, physical and spiritual.
Thus, He draws all of my children to that sacred hill, most especially during Holy Mass which makes present Golgotha.
And so I dearly love your Golgotha Prayer whereby you present yourself at Golgotha beside me, Mother of The Crucified--The Immaculate Conception--so that you might somewhat strengthen and console me for, as you state, I am Jesus' greatest consoler.
Be assured my son, that you have been present at Golgotha and that you have consoled me.
Thank you.
Do I not need consolation? The Mother before her crucified Son? My heart pierced by a sword? Watching my Son, Pure-innocence itself, be treated as a base criminal--without mercy?
You know my heartache, for The Almighty has allowed tragedy to beset your children and grand-children. You know then, how we parents need consolation.
Persevere little Son. You DO follow the path I have prepared for you along which the heavenly Host gives you strength and power and authority and Peace.'

4-Jul-2011  Certainly, it was through this Gift that The Almighty became a Creature
'Little son of mine.
You know I am …
… The Immaculate Conception
… the great Gift of The Almighty
… to mankind.
Certainly, it was through this Gift that The Almighty became a Creature …
… The Son of Man, Jesus The Christ
… my adored Son.
It is this Gift that I, as The Mother, as The Virgin,  lavish on all of my children, specially my little warrior--you.
It is this Gift to mankind, that reflects The Eternal-source-of-goodness …
… The Father.
And therefore, you perceive how important this Gift of The Immaculate Conception is. So much so, that to honour The Immaculate Conception is to honour The Eternal-father…
… and to dishonour the Gift is to dishonour Him.
Everything is in God's Hands …
… The Immaculate conception
… The Universal Church
… the new heavens and the new earth.
Goodness in one--Truth in another--Love in the other.
This is the order of creation.
This is God-with-us.
This is The Kingdom of God.'

16-Nov-11   that which must precede it, will bring the wickedness of the world to an end

'Little son.
Beloved of mine.
You know it--I am The Immaculate conception.
I have brought you to a great insight with regard to my Immaculate Conception …
… that this Gift to me

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