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that this Gift to mankind
that this Gift to creation
consists of the perfect reflection of The Goodness of God that is, The Eternal-father.
As you know The Almighty requires that this Gift be recognised by man, by creation.
That it be acknowledged and appreciated.
Because, in doing so creation recognises, acknowledges and appreciates The Father in His Pure-existence--in His capacity as Source; Source, especially of Goodness.
I confirm also, that in appreciating this Gift creation is lead to appreciate The Son and His Church.
The world desperately needs my Son, this Son of The Eternal-father
for evil is entrenched in all walks of life, particularly in the world's leadership.
The leader the world needs, is that Vicar of Christ, Benedict XVI, who is a light for the world.
I also confirm that the Triumph of The Woman has been achieved and that my victory is being recognised everywhere, but especially in my Church, where renewed life emerges
where new strength is given
where my children, everywhere, awaken to a new Era.
The Era of Peace comes, but that which must precede it, will bring the wickedness of the world to an end.'

17-Jan-2012   The Spirit fulfil the desires of God's Children
'My son; dear son of The Immaculate Conception.
I, with the heavenly Host, watch over you and care for you
for the time is so near for announcement of my Triumph for Jesus.
People, all over the world, feel that great events are at hand. Some, like yourself, are aware of The Mother and her battle for Truth. Others have an inner feeling that the world faces a new era
a new heaven--a new earth.
You will not be disappointed that you have been patient and faithful, awaiting my victory.
You realise that The Father has all under control and He gives me and my children the enormous privilege of closely participating in His Divine-will in overcoming evil
in ensuring Truth is supreme where deception once reigned
in placing Love in the hearts of man where hatred once resided.
Yes, the new era is upon the world, where Peace and Harmony will fill the world and fill the heavens
for a long, long time.
For The Universal Church is to be confirmed and The Christ is to reign everywhere and The Spirit fulfil the desires of God's Children.'

8-Feb-12   I, for my part, rely on all of my children of all times
'Dear son of mine.
Beloved son of Heaven.
I say these words of love, and be happy to note them down even as you know others will read them.
It is Love that binds the citizens of The Kingdom of The Christ.
Yes--it is Truth, also. Yes--and Goodness.
And these are available, in their fullness, to all of the human race ...
... through The Infinite Merits of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
The Holy Trinity requires me, as The Immaculate Conception, to bring these Graces to man ...
... to bring man to these Graces
... for I brought God to man
... for I acted on behalf of man in this stupendous action between Creator and creation.
I, for my part, rely on all of my children of all times, to assist their Mother in her Work.
I rely on you, son, and I thank you that you have assisted me.
The future will bring great and amazing rewards to my children for they will inherit the earth.
And, in the near future.
It is a time of delight for your Mother in her great Triumph for The Kingdom and this delight I already share with my children.
How blest are my children!
In a world of insanity, of evil, we, my children and I, are achieving victory after victory and the final declaration of triumph is new being spoken.'
24-Feb-2012    It is of the highest importance, this promotion of The Immaculate Conception
'Little son. Dear son of The Immaculate Conception.
It is OK for me to call you 'dear'.
You need to recall that a mother's love for her child is immeasurable and I, as The Mother of God, am given great Graces by The Almighty, through Jesus' Infinite Merits, and so, I am capable of the greatest love for my children ...
... especially my little warrior who spends his life promoting my Immaculate Conception.
It is of the highest importance, this promotion of The Immaculate Conception ...
... because this is a Gift from The Eternal-father and so, reflects His Eternal-goodness.
The world must recognise, acknowledge and appreciate this Eternal-goodness and the avenue through which this is possible is made available to everyone.
That avenue is The Immaculate Conception.
How can man appreciate Eternal-goodness unless he first appreciate its reflection in creation?
It is no coincidence that in recent times, my Immaculate Conception has been especially pointed out by The Church, even as She has always realised the Truth of it.
The pronunciation of this Gift to creation some 150 years ago was the impulse for mankind to recognise it.
At Lourdes I reminded man if this calling.
My Popes continue to press upon man the need of this recognition which recognition is also a work that you are closely associated with.'
14-Mar-2012    The world blows you hither and thither as a wind blows a leaf

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