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'Dear little son.
The world blows you hither and thither as a wind blows a leaf.
So it seems to you--and to many of my children.
But this is only as it seems for The Eternal-father has all things in control.
Trust Him, little son.
He allows the world to wither in its self-affliction which does not by-pass my beloved children who share in this affliction and whose suffering is embraced by me as most precious prayers ...
... and whose sufferings are joined to those terrible agonies of my adored Son and to mine.
The Eternal-father has use of our sufferings which weight upon the evil-one, crushing him.
Embrace your sufferings and give them to me, your Mother, The immaculate Conception, for placing side-by-side with those of Jesus.
These sufferings are a net that catches the evil-one, the camel, and all evil, dragging them out of the earth to their dark kingdom.
Persevere, children of mine.
Even in the darkness that still clings to the earth, press forward in faith and hope.
Cling to Truth which is the light to the world ...
... The Truth that comes out of The Church of Benedict
... The Truth that is Jesus Himself, working in the world and from Whom comes The Spirit, bringing Peace and Mercy.'

It is at Golgotha ...
'Son of The Immaculate Conception.
My son.
Yet once more--be, in Peace.
Yes, evil still overshadows the world but God is always victorious. The greater the evil, the greater the victory ...
... the greater the menace, the greater the divine Power.
And that Power is given to me ...
... and to all of my children
... for it is my army of tiny children which brings The Triumph for my adored Son.
And this Triumph I offer Him at the foot of The Cross He bore for us ...
... at the Cross upon which He drew all things to Himself
... where He drew all of my children from every age and place.
At Golgotha Jesus achieved His entire Victory and it is Golgotha that time and space point to. It is the centre of all time and space.
I and my children, in sharing His Infinite Merits, do our Work, along side His, in His Salvation of all creation.
It is at Golgotha then, that I bring to Him the released Souls of Purgatory and Limbo ...
... that I offer Him all of my children from Adam to the end.
And it is at Golgotha that I want my children with me to comfort and console me, for the sake of our Lord and Master on The Cross.
It is through Holy Mass that I arrange all of my children around me, adoring my Son, The Christ.
From Golgotha my son, you and I and all of my children, gain The Triumph which leads to the Era of Peace--the Era of The Spirit of Power.'

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