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Musings 2002/158

thee; in that moment in which thou acceptest him for thy Son we shall be delivered from death.
'For the Lord himself desires thy consent by which he has determined to save the world, with an ardour equal to the love with which he has loved thy beauty.'
'Answer then, O sacred Virgin', says St. Augustine - or some other ancient author - 'why delayest thou giving life to the world?'
Answer quickly, O Lady; no longer delay the salvation of the world which now depends upon thy consent.
But see, Mary already answers; she says to the angel:
behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word.
O what more beautiful, more humble or more prudent answer could all the wisdom of men and angels have invented had they reflected for a million years?  P
P'O powerful Fiat,' exclaims St. Thomas of Villanova; 'O efficacious Fiat! O Fiat to be venerated above every other Fiat! For with a Fiat God created light, heaven, earth; but with Mary's Fiat', says the saint, 'God became man, like us.' P
The author-Saint goes on to certify that Mary's humility stands out in this conversation with the Archangel.
P St. Jerome confirms this, saying that 'God chose her to be his Mother more on account of her humility then all her other virtues.' P
It is really an eye opener to read how Saint after Saint overflows with love for Mary - how they venerate her and shout her glories to the world! As if they could not find words to truly proclaim her majesty and yet not find enough words to fully explain the wonder that is Mary!
These great Saints, male and female, look upon Mary with sheer wonder, delighting in her exquisite marvels, and it is worth while noting also, that the same great Saints also were outstanding in their obedience to the Holy Father, the Pope.
As well, they were the supreme examples for all Christians and all people, in their pure adoration of Jesus Christ in the blessed Sacrament.
The wonderful Church teaching of Purgatory is of great comfort to every one who realises the truth of it.
The article herein, provides a convincing argument for the great need for Purgatory and for its authenticity. Not only is the teaching supported by Church Tradition which has equal value to Biblical teaching, but the article indicates the Biblical support.
When I taught children in the state schools (before Father Dobson directed the school to disallow my attendance, neglecting to inform me of course) I found that children just love the idea of Purgatory; the idea that souls of deceased people can go to Purgatory so that they can gain perfection for their entrance into Heaven, has a mighty appeal to every child.
The fact that we are able to pray for these souls, helping them towards perfection or even obtaining their release, really captivates the imagination of children who are immediately endeared to them, and keen as mustard to help them.
Of course, us older children of God also find Purgatory an endearing belief.


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