A Word to the Wise


Artificial Contraception

The old sage raised his eyes to Heaven as if to ask for an explanation about the knowledge - or lack of it - of some Catholic men about their Faith.
The men he referred to, all mature Catholics from around the Archdiocese, were requested to give their priority as to the magnitude, in their view, of several evils that infest the world including euthanasia, abortion, stem cell research on assassinated babies from the womb, human cloning, brothels and artificial contraception.
Not one selected artificial contraception! sage declared in some astonishment.
Up until the first half of this century, he stated, all main Christian denominations held artificial contraception as evil. While most of them have now somehow changed their stance, The Universal Church has confirmed, over and over, that

artificial contraception is not only evil
but it is the source
from which other evils emerge!

It is the contraception mentality that blindly and arrogantly overturns God's laws in creation and makes evil things into good things!
Sage referred to Pope Paul VI's historical encyclical which is considered official doctrine, 'Humanae Vitae', which not only confirmed Church teaching but prophesised the other evils that would emerge from the contraceptive mentality.

Just how far into the very life-blood of The Church has modernism entered? sage ponders.

And many of us worry on the same question.


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