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Musings 2002/162 :-  I Am Not Praying for The World - Look For Example at our Local Parish - Peace on Earth - Twice Offensive - Those Whom Thou Hast Entrusted to Me - This Sacrifice - Father Tom Erlich - Bishops' Conferences and ICEL - Reject - Mary and The Mercy of God - His Masterpiece of Creation, Mary. Inserted 29-Jul-02.

Musings 2002/163 :-  Engraved on Christ's Cross - They Shrugged off The Cross of The Church - Person of The Holy Spirit - The Spirit is Love - Creation - The Woman; The Co-redemptrix - . Inserted 22-Aug-02.

Musings 2002/164 :-  Devotion to Mary Promotes Sanity and Perception - To Draw Us up to Divinity- They Show Hatred for The Church - The Era of The Spirit - Humanity and God - The Woman Issued from the Man - The Man Issued From The Woman - Catholics and Sacred Scripture - Protestants and Scripture - Jehovah Witnesses and Scripture - The Warnings of Apocalypse - Scripture and The Church. Inserted 14-Sep-02.

Musings 2002/165 :-  Friends in Heaven - And This Homage is Homage to God- What an Exquisite Gift to Catholics - With Mary Towards Jesus - Becoming a Catholic Today - What Advice Might be Given to These Truth-seekers - For Bishop or for Pope - Misuse and Abuse of The Third Rite - Archdiocesan Consultation - The Tension in The Church Between its Local and Universal Reality - Pre-Vatican, Post-Vatican - Rising from the Dead. Inserted 4-Oct-02.

Musings 2002/166 :-  Value of Existence - The Person of Jesus Christ- What Then is the Evil of the Abortionist - Let Us Make Man in Our Own Likeness - Hatred for The Universal Church - And They Came up with Deception - The Diabolical was at Work - Reinterpret Scripture - The Turners - Truth, Humility and The Blessed Virgin Mary - The Rosary, The Pope - Rising from the Dead. Inserted 28-Oct-02.

Musings 2002/167 :-  The Rosary and The Pope - Where Are His Critics- It is With Some Satisfaction That I say : It does not matter - Because She MUST Cling to The Truth - There is no Need to go to Sunday Mass L - The Parallel Church - The Problem : 'Catholic' Education - The Facts Contradict the Ambitions of the parallel church - Repetition Found in the Holy Rosary. Inserted 15-Nov-02.

Musings 2002/168 :-  The Sun - The Moon - The Woman Clothed With The Sun - The Eras of The Father, Son and Spirit - The Results of These Eras and These Works - The Spirit's Work - The Era of The Eucharist. Inserted 10-Dec-02.

Musings 2002/169 :-  The Holy Spirit's Eucharistic Era - Our Perception Will be Perfected - Our Present Limited Capacity - Consecration to The Immaculate Heart - The Pope and The Church - The Mother Held Her Children on the Path of Truth - Ecumenism is Not Possible at the Expense of Truth - Was There Another Christ Somewhere?. Inserted 13-Jan-03.

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