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How Beautiful is the Simple Faith of Children!

How beautiful is the simple faith of children!
sage declares with delight.
Pity we have to grow up, I suppose.
Yes. Although some adults retain that simple faith. How the Lord must love that simple faith whether He finds it in the child or in the adult.
Which leads to the following story which the old sage considers to be worthy of recalling.
During his homily, this Vietnamese Priest told of an experience he had when he returned to Vietnam to visit his mother and family just before Christmas 2001.
He went to an orphanage in Vietnam run by an order of Catholic nuns where he was introduced to a five year old girl who was brought to the orphanage after her father killed her mother - then tried to kill the girl. He ultimately killed himself.
The Mother Superior told Father that the little girl had had no religious education whatsoever, so, when she took the little girl to Holy Mass on the first Sunday she was in the orphanage, she left her with the teacher in
charge of catechism classes, held after Holy Mass.
'Be gentle with her', Mother told her.
The teacher, also a nun, held up a print of Jesus and asked the children who
the Man in the print was.
The little girl was the first to put up her hand and said, "I know that Man. He's the Man who held me when my daddy killed my mummy."
Quite an amazing story, sage.
And a true one, he agreed. After Holy Mass, I overheard a fellow parishioner asking the Vietnamese Priest if it was a true story; he confirmed that it was.


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