A Word to the Wise


Letters to The Archbishop

How long since you have written a letter to the Archbishop? the old sage asked me.
It's been a long time, sage.
Why is that? Has the modernist errors been cleared up?
Not at all. The nonsense seems still to be clogging up the Church's spiritual mechanism in the Archdiocese.
What about the other real-Catholics you know? Are they writing letters?
As far as I know they are not.
So, the modernist 'nonsense' is still weaving its deceit around the Parishes, but the real-Catholics are no longer complaining to the Archbishop.
I would say that is true.
What does that say to you?
Yes. I see your point.

The Third Rite of Penance

Old sage raised the ongoing question about the Third Rite.
What do you think about those Catholics who favoured and joined in the Third Rite?
Some were plainly defiant of The Church's instruction. Others were probably ignorant.
Those who were plainly defiant - did they sin by joining in?
One would have to think that their willingness was sinful.
Those who knowingly and willingly joined in and knew that The Church strictly instructed that the Third Rite must be used only under certain severe conditions, must ask themselves not only whether they sinned or not. They must also ask themselves how grave was the sin!
Yes. It is not for us to say a person sinned. We can only say that the action taken was sinful.
True. If I were in their shoes, however, I would be asking the question:- was my action sinful and if so, was it mortal?
That would be difficult for a pro-modernist who has lost the conscious reality of sin.
And the Priests who promoted and conducted Third Rite sessions?


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