A Word to the Wise

Redemption's Liturgiam
What's happening with this new Instruction, old sage?
Redemption's Liturgiam? Nothing is happening in this part of the world.
Well, how do you see this sad situation?
How else can I see it, but that Church leaders in this part of the world are ignoring it completely.
Perhaps they feel they can not rush into so many changes?
You are right there. There will be a lot of changes, if they ever decide to obey The Church Magisterium.
You consider they are actually disobeying The Magisterium?
Of course. The Instruction was issued by two Congregations and approved of by the Pope.
This latest refusal continues a long line of blatant and challenging signals to the Pope that The Church in Queensland needs resuscitation, urgently.
It's sad and awful, old sage.
It is that and I think that both the Vatican and the local post-modernists are looking to see what the laity will do about it.
You think that the laity is being called upon by Rome to heal the wounds from the bottom up?
Indeed I do. That would be the most efficient way to cleanse the local Church of its sickness, rather then have definitive action from above.
The post-modernists on the other hand, are relying totally on the silent majority doing nothing. They expect that they will be able to gag the voice of the real-Catholics and at the same time derail any action by real-Catholics.
It seems to me then, that it is time for us to do more then ever before to rid The Church of post-modernism and support this Instruction to the hilt.
It is urgent because the Instruction gives us the weapon to relieve the local Church of the modernist apostasy which has had its day.


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