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Musings 2001/153

What Did we Expect?
It is sad but true - but also necessary - that the modernists and their dupes have to be discovered and revealed, sometime or other.
Did they think that they could remain incognito for ever?
So the exposure of 'nuns' revealed by the Courier Mail as probably pro-witchcraft, pro-lesbian and pro-abortion,
should not really be an astonishment at all.

What in fact, is really astonishing,
is that they have survived so long
without being fully revealed!

Yes, that is astonishing, especially as the many antics of those of the modernist ilk have been known to real Catholics for decades and their antagonism towards real Catholicism has filtered out, piece by tiny piece, into newspapers on numerous occasions.
Certainly they have revealed themselves in 'Catholic' newspapers for many years, by their mentalities easily perceived in their pro-modernist articles.
Even then, I have to admit, real Catholics are still astonished that what they have long known, has been proven true. I suppose this is because real Catholics do have God's Love in them and they desperately hoped that the awful things they perceived were in fact, wrong - somehow.
I for one, would have been over-joyed to have been proven wrong.
No. Not so. Our fears will probably prove to be under-stated.
Attack the Real Catholics
What astonished me the most about these exposures of deviant 'nuns' is not the fact that they obviously delved into dark and dangerous spiritual adventures. What has astonished me is that the leaders of the local Church, The Archbishop even, some Priests and even 'Catholic' reporters have come out and attacked the real Catholics!
Yes, they have admitted the strong possibility that the scandalous reports are in fact correct, making excuses for the 'nuns' involved, or suggesting isolated and/or temporary deviations,
and then proceed to make an all-out attack upon the real Catholics!!
They make no excuses for us; no attempt at understanding! Nor want to!
While the Archbishop tells the whole world that we, the real Catholics, should be aware that what some of us have done is a 'serious matter for the Sacrament of Reconciliation' - implying mortal sin - what does he say about the deviant 'nuns'?
What does the Archbishop say about the deviant 'nuns'?
He tells the Courier Mail reporter, Wayne Smith - issue 8.12.2001, the Feast-day of The Immaculate Conception - that there has developed a 'silliness' in his Archdiocese!

A 'silliness' in his Archdiocese?

We, the real Catholics have committed mortal sin because we checked out and reported the disgraceful disobedience of Priests - for which we were supported by The Vatican -

but 'nuns' who have been clearly found out
to be tolerant and supportive (at the very least)
of anti-Catholic actions,
lesbianism and witchcraft,
are just being

The Archbishop has long been aware of us real Catholics for we have submitted numerous letters to him,

asking for his help
to keep real Catholicism alive
in his Archdiocese.

Has he become impatient with us? Has he lost all tolerance with us? Has he taken the slippery way out and declared that his Archdiocese consists of the extreme left and the extreme right? - when in fact there is no right or left in The Catholic Church!
In the Catholic Church there are the real Catholics and the unreal 'Catholics'. Left wing, right wing, centre party, etc., as often applied to
political parties, especially of the socialist mould, are not applicable to The Catholic Church; and never have been.

In the political field,
the extreme right and the extreme left
actually extend in a circular movement
with the result that both ends meet
at the other side of the circle
and become one and-the-same
atheistic and murderous dictatorships,
as in nazism and communism.

We, the real Catholics have been deeply involved in preserving the UNITY of The Catholic Church - thus we are we obedient to the Pope; thus are we try to be champions of Vatican Council Two; thus are we true to The Eucharistic Christ, the only Way to possess Love, Truth and Goodness, available to all, but ONLY through The Catholic Church!
Because we
are real Catholics, we have been marginalised in many Queensland Parishes and are tolerated with a pathetic and even indecent attempt at charity!
No joy!?
The Archbishop is further reported as saying his critics have no joy in their lives.
In a way - probably not in the way his Grace intends - we indeed have little 'joy' in our lives, but this is because we have been given insight in realising our Church is being attacked by ruthless and evil people who would destroy the very Truth that is Catholicism!
His Grace also states we have no
excitement in our lives and again, in a fashion he is correct, for the ultimate excitement of being Catholic and of practising Catholicism is being eroded from our Parishes.
But really, the Archbishop is totally wrong about us on both counts, as he is in other matters.
All of the real Catholics that I know are certainly feeling the weight of The Church's Cross upon their shoulders, but in their hearts, they have real joy and real peace that is of Christ, Himself.

The real Catholics know
when they fight for Truth,
that they are reaching out for a heavy cross

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