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Musings 2001/152

The Modernist Priest

As already mentioned in a previous newsletter, it seems to be

the official modernist line
that the whole business
of the pro-lesbian and pro-witchcraft 'nuns'
that hit the Courier Mail fan several days ago,
was an attack upon the Archbishop
by 'fundamentalists',
a name the apostates
call us real Catholics.

We had already heard this incredible display of desperate but pure tripe, locally, but now another local Priest has made the claim in writing, and I suppose that makes it official - that it is the modernist propaganda for this disgraceful matter.
Now, what we have in this tragic exposure is a clear-cut case of 'nuns'
being caught out in their anti-Catholic attitude and behaviour. We, the ordinary Catholics, had nothing to do either with the nuns' deviant disgraces nor with their exposures. The Courier Mail found a sensational story and ran with it.
What a scandal; what an embarrassment for The Catholic Church!
The Archbishop, at no stage, denied any of the proffered facts mentioned by the Courier Mail!
In Fact, no one else has denied any of that newspaper's statements, either!
Even the letters to the editor - sent in favour of the 'nuns' - said nothing to change the published statements!!
The poor old Catholic cops the blame!
The Catholic who has made a stand in favour of the Holy Father and his Magisterium, called 'fundamentalist' by the mentally troubled modernists, has copped the blame.

Is this spiritual insanity?
or is it diabolical?

I ask you, is this or is it not, a fair question?!
(Mind you, there is little difference between 'spiritual insanity' and 'diabolical'.)
The attacking Priest in question has adopted the modernist line and proceeded to step where wise men fear to tread. I have suspected before that there are those of importance whose positions need protection, who

feed some Priests
any old ammunition
knowing the recipients
will load, draw and fire at will
- and willy-nilly, too:
causing many foot wounds!

These people who consider themselves important, don't care if such a Priest shoots himself in the foot again  as long as he gets some of those rotten Catholics, as well!
The question here is this:- how is it (and even the Archbishop has done it) that men of The Church can turn their backs on the awful, dreadful situation of pro-lesbian and pro-witchcraft 'nuns', and direct their attack upon Catholics who want the disgraces cleared up and disposed of?!
How is this possible?
I suppose we all know the answer, but the shock of it all still astonishes real Catholics.
In a recent editorial, I mentioned a certain incredible
darkness and a certain incredible blindness that has possessed the modernist and his fellow companions.
This is the black-and-white explanation for many who have been whisked away from The real Church, but let us look at the overall position of, say, a Priest of today, in his fifties or sixties, who has been deluded completely by modernism.
He will have had, no doubt, the same wonderful Catholic education as we of the same age. He would have been taught the great Truths of Catholicism, by wonderful Sisters and Brothers; Truths which are unchangeable, eternal. He would have believed in the infallibility of the Pope, and with him in concert, the Bishops united to him.
But then, somewhere along his life as a Priest, he has been derailed from things Catholic and finds himself teaching all sorts of tripe and nonsense; .finds himself
constantly in disobedience of The Church!
Possibly, such a Priest would feel comfortable for much of the time, as long as his parishioners followed him and praised him for his modernity and his courage to change and change.
But when a real Catholic who knows of the evil of modernism and has a fair general knowledge of Vatican Two and Church Doctrine, raises his most unwanted head above the multitude and points out to the Priest that he has been derailed, what then?
Yes, then such a Priest is thrust back upon himself; upon his Catholic upbringing and his life-long Faith, and he is assailed by his conscience. Alas, he has been derailed in such a full manner, by derailing experts, that he feels convinced that he must cling to his modernist state. Indeed he feels an awful inability to do otherwise!
Within him, then, we find two powerful forces, one drawing him back to Truth and the other forcing him deeper into deception.

Where the latter force prevails,
consider the awful consequences
upon the mentality and balance of that Priest!

If the Faith of his youth is indeed of Truth, of God, then he is betraying himself in his rejection of that Faith. And worse, he is betraying those placed in his care; those who have placed their trust in him!

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