Visions and Dreams


Thumb and Forefinger

I had some sort of a wog; a fever.
My body temperature was very, very high and I was in bed trying to sleep; trying to breathe evenly.
My attention was drawn to the area at the end of the bed and there stood a splendid boy of about ten years of age. He was dressed in majestic attire with a fabulous crown upon his head.
There was no doubt in my mind that this was the Boy, Jesus - a Boy-king.
I was not surprised because I was taken up totally with the magnificent appearance of Him.
With no effort on my part and seemingly with no movement or intention to move, I was suddenly kneeling before Him, still absolutely absorbed in the vision and in a state of ecstasy.
The Boy-king reached out and embraced me and kissed me on the left side of my neck.
His kiss was exquisitely cool and seemed to placate my whole feverish body.
That was it.


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