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Musings 2002/156


It seems to me that, to consider creation and The Creator, it is a good start to try to consider God, before He brought forth creation.
Absolutely fulfilled in Himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in Goodness, Truth and Love, needing nothing else.
Contained within The Godhead is all beauty, all power, all delight, all knowledge and wisdom; that is, perfect Existence, perfect Wisdom, perfect Harmony.
And then He brought forth creation.
Although  created spirit and matter were brought forth from nothing, nevertheless, they were brought forth into
Creation contains beauty, harmony, power, wisdom and much, much more.
Clearly, God
shared with creation what was previously His, only.
In the case of the Angels and of mankind, God shared great powers and these powers are:

the ability to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate

These powers are God-like.
Not only did God share these powers with us, but He also gave a further Gift in that

He, Himself,
recognised, acknowledged and appreciated us,
His creatures.

This is clear when we read that He created us in His Own likeness; that He assumed a human Body and Soul like ours; that He embraced The Cross for us and for each of us.
Thus, we
do know that He gave us recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation.
It is a simple, clear and obvious extrapolation of this

that God had the absolute right
to expect us to reciprocate

- that we recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him.
Here we perceive that God shared Himself with His creatures and shared His Attributes and His Power as well.
But He did more. He provided man with freewill, even the power to reject his own Creator; to betray his own Creator.
This freewill could also be said to be divine; perhaps even more then divine!! - for The Creator would never betray or reject any of His creatures. However, His creatures may eject themselves from God, even into hell, but God never rejects or betrays.
This is not possible to God for betrayal of what He created is the same as betrayal of Himself which, to a Being Complete in Himself, defies all sanity.
In his ability to use his complete freewill, mankind is given a further divine power. He is given
This responsibility is not only for his own fulfilment - which is God's fulfilment for him - but it is responsibility for those who rely on him; family, friends, associates, employees, employers, etc.

This responsibility is:-
delegation of power

and also the requirement to answer for the use of that power.

P Afterwards, when he came back as king,
he sent for the servants
to whom he had entrusted the money
to find out how much
each had gained
by his use of it. P

In Luke 19:15, the king delegated authority and responsibility to his servants and the freedom to use the money as they saw fit, for the sake of the king. The servants were rewarded in proportion to their good use, or otherwise, of their delegated power and responsibility.
It is a wonderful thing to perceive how everything good fits in squarely with The Universal Church and Her Doctrines, for God certainly shares or delegates His Power with The Church which then shoulders the associated responsibility. 
In turn, we the Members of that Church have a similar if smaller power, in our family and society, with the appropriate responsibility, which includes loyalty to The Church.

Mary's Power and Responsibility.

God delegated to Mary - His perfect creature, The Immaculate Conception - the most amazing authority and power, when He asked her, through the great Archangel Gabriel, to become The Mother of Christ.
The power and authority here given to Mary is most astonishing for

she was asked the question
as though she acted for all creation!
Which, clearly, she did!!

On her reply rested Salvation Itself.
No one else was asked or consulted about this monumental decision that would affect all creation (not only all mankind). No governments, no emperors or kings, no presidents or prime ministers, were consulted. No prophets, priests, teachers or family were consulted.

Only Mary was consulted.

Only her agreement was sought
Some might like to pass this fact bye and choose not to consider the wonder and astonishment of it; to even pretend there is nothing worth pondering on! They are like the man with keen eyes who puts on blinkers so that he can see only along a narrow vision, or not see at all.
But for us who do ponder on this wondrous event, perceive that it is not only of world history, of creation history, but beyond that,

for Mary's consent to God's request
is a pinnacle in progress
of God's Own Work.

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