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Musings 2002/161

Corpus Christi 2002

A small pamphlet that passed around the Archdiocese told of a procession proposed for a real Catholic Corpus Christi Sunday.
The organisation of this event had been done very well with busses, trains and contact points all over Brisbane, nominated for the day.
It could almost be from another era, so Catholic is this little pamphlet, which included
real Catholic prayers and which advised us that the procession would include Rosary Prayers and Benediction.
To my delight, I noticed that the pamphlet also stated

celebrated by his Grace
Archbishop John Bathersby.

Congratulations to the Catholic organisers and

a thank-you to the Archbishop.

Mass is Boring
The old sage mentioned the problem of our 'Catholic' youth who find Mass boring.
Now, I am heartily sick of hearing people saying that they
are bored.
I have these questions to ask:

If someone is bored,
then isn't he bored
by being in his own company?

Is he brought up expecting to be entertained every second of the day?
Tell me just one Saint who has ever been bored?
All of them are just delighted to be alone so that they may pay their complete attention to The Creator - to The Saviour, Jesus Christ.

But to hear young people say
they are bored in Mass,
is a far worse problem
and the problem is for themselves,
who talk such utter tripe.

Unfortunately, it is also a huge problem for the people who have educated these young people.
If Only One Priest Were Able to Say Holy Mass

My Mother said to me once or twice that
there was only one Priest
in the entire world
who was able to say Mass each day,
sharing The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity
of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
then the entire Christian population from every nation
would hold it as their greatest goal,
to attend just one Mass in their lifetimes.

Yes, people would travel far and wide; they would spend their life savings; they would deem it the greatest triumph of their lives; they would do everything to ensure their sons and daughters would do the same;

there is no sacrifice they would not make,
to be at Holy Mass
just once.

Having attained their lifelong ambition, then, for the rest of their lives, they would thank God with all their hearts for the pure delight and the astonishing Grace that enabled them to be present at Holy Mass.
But, before they achieved their lifelong hope, they would study in great detail and

make sure that they were absolutely aware
of every action
and of every feature
and of every word
of every requirement
and of every meaning behind every detail
that made up The Holy Sacrifice
of The Mass,

so that they might totally, for that one time, be absorbed in and become one with, the Divine Action that is THE MASS.
They would form organisations and sodalities, so that they might prepare and accustom themselves, helping one another, for

the incredible pinnacle of their lives - ATTENDING MASS.

Special pastors of The Universal Church would be fully trained in every region. These Pastors would have as their sole duty that of preparing parishioners for The Event; preaching on the magnificence and the glory of The Holy Sacrifice; impressing upon their students that nothing, NOTHING, can fully make them worthy for It; they can only spend many years in preparation, hoping, praying and fasting that their single attendance at HOLY MASS will be acceptable by God.
Local governments, state governments and national governments would be obliged to provide for the people's desires and demands. Indeed, their main business of government would revolve around the people's need for Holy Mass! They would provide special financial concessions; special avenues of transport and accommodation; organise pilgrimages; etc.
Businesses will be quick to seize the vast opportunities presented them - travel, guided tours, accommodation, insurance, memorabilia, photography, food, and so on.
In fact, the urgent desire from every corner of the planet to attend Holy Mass would be the centre of the greatest source of trade and business activity at every compass point.
Those privileged to have already attended Holy Mass will be expected to assist in the preparation of others. They will

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