A Word to the Wise


The old sage sometimes worries me, especially when he comes up with seeming non topical stories. Take the following, for example. He tells me that it has a spiritual meaning in it!
Make An Example of Them
'Mister Dillon, we got a problem.'
'Well, Chester, what is it?'
'Some ornery rustlers and hoss thieves have done taken over the town hall, and they are goin' ter burn it down.'
'That's serious, Chester. We must act quickly. But remember, these horse thieves are just ordinary poor citizens who have strayed from the path of justice and peace. They have done much good work in the past.
'What can we do, Mister Dillon?'
'We'll gather a posse, and round up some good law-abiding citizens, and we'll hang them as an example. That will show the rustlers we mean business.'
'Sounds good, Mister Dillon. I think we got ourselves a necktie party.'
Real Catholics
The modernist 'Catholics' and their blind followers have wandered so far from Truth that when they look towards the real Catholic, they think it is the real Catholic who have lost his way!
The real Catholic,
he states plainly, is the same today as he were yesterday and the day before!
The real Catholic has not changed from his obedience to the Pope, his great love for Mary and his enduring adoration for Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

The real Catholic, sage restates,
is precisely the Catholic today
as he was 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago.

While guide-lines and instructions of The Church have been varied to suit the 21st. century;

The Church is the same today
as it was yesterday -
the same as it was 2,000 years ago.

The Holy Sacrifice remains precisely that. The Sacraments remain precisely the same.
Yes, indeed.
The ONLY things that have REALLY changed, old sage points out, are the modernists and their deceptive teachings.
Spot on.


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