A Word to the Wise


Religious Habits
Musing on the great apostasy that has been eating at The Church like a massive cancer, the old sage has long wondered how was it possible? how could Catholics have succumbed to deception so easily?
Like the rest of us, old sage is astonished.
But, he states, when religious discarded their habits, (their wearing apparel, that is) they signalled that trouble was brewing for The Church.
Yes, I see what you mean, old mate.
Indeed. When Nuns, Brothers and Priests relieved themselves of their distinctive apparel they also relieved themselves of their obedience to The Church!
They signalled their 'dissent'. They signalled their rebellion. They said very clearly 'We will not serve'.
Who can deny that? It is pretty obvious.
How splendid were the Sister and Brothers of a few decades ago who practised their disciplines:
poverty, chastity and obedience.
They were living Saints. And so too the Priests who were obvious by their Catholic apparel! What examples they were! What delight and wonder they gave to us Catholics when the whole world, with us, saw them in public, in their Catholic garments; how forcefully they represented to everyone
the pure love for neighbour of The Catholic Church.
Now, these Priests, Sisters and Brothers of The Church can not be identified. They  have camouflaged themselves as ordinary lay people.
Are they ashamed of their great vocation? our sage asks.
And what are the disciplines of the religious of today? he pointedly demands. Are their disciplines the same as their vocational promises?

Do they still embrace
the virtues
of poverty, chastity and obedience?

Well, one does not like to peer too closely at the possible answers to that penetrating question! Already what we observe in the mass media is too awful to extrapolate into the logical conclusions! I say, too awful.
The old sage is also reticent in probing too deep into the dark avenues along which our 'Catholic' religious travel.
Just as they are no longer recognisable as Catholic religious, says sage, so must they be, in their behaviour and their virtues!
Not Anger, Pity.
Yes, real Catholics are inclined towards righteous anger when they see their Faith corrupted and demeaned.
Do not be angry at your Catholic Priests, Sisters and Brothers, instructs old sage, but feel pity for them and pray The Holy Rosary for them; consecrate them to Mary's Immaculate Heart.
How desperately
do they need the prayers
of real Catholics!!!!
There's no doubt about you, sage old friend.


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